Riot Released Total 104 Skins in 2019

With the Suger Rush skin line releasing on 17 December 2019, Riot released 104 skins in 2019 or 89 skins excluding Prestige Edition skins.

Among 104 skins there are:

  • 1 – 975 RP Skin
  • 73 – 1350 RP Skins
  • 10 – 1820 RP Skins
  • 14 – 100 Prestige Tokens Skins
  • 4 – 10 Gemstones Skins

Surprisingly, there were no 750 RP skins in 2019. The last time a 750 RP skin was released was on 29th March 2017 with Super Kennen and Renektoy. Most skins were released on either the 10th or 12th day of the month (13 skins each).

Skins per month:

MonthAmount of skins released

The cost to buy every skin in the game is 1,055,465 RP. It would cost roughly £7,229 or $9650.39/ €8670.43 equivalent to purchase all of the skins.

Accourding to League of Legends Wiki and u/_Akom_:

All 104 Skin List

SkinRelease DatePrice (RP or other)
Blood Moon Pyke10th January 20191350
Blood Moon Sivir10th January 20191350
Blood Moon Aatrox10th January 20191350
Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition10th January 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Lunar Wraith Sylas25th January 20191350
Coin Emperor Tahm Kench28th January 20191350
Firecracker Sejuani28th January 20191350
Firecracker Vayne28th January 20191350
Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition28th January 20191000 Lunar Revel Tokens
Heartpiercer Fiora11th February 20191350
Heartbreaker Vi11th February 20191350
Papercraft Nunu & Willump21st February 20191350
Papercraft Anivia21st February 20191350
Arclight Brand7th March 20191350
K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition7th March 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Meowrick27th March 20191350
Pretty Kitty Rengar27th March 20191350
Fuzz Fizz27th March 20191350
Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition27th March 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Corgi Corki27th March 20191350
Dunkmaster Ivern4th April 20191350
Hextech Jarvan IV4th April 201910 Gemstones
K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition18th April 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Galaxy Slayer Zed18th April 20191820
iG Rakan23rd April 20191350
iG Fiora23rd April 20191350
iG Camille23rd April 20191350
iG Kai’Sa23rd April 20191350
iG Irelia23rd April 20191350
iG LeBlanc23rd April 20191350
Conqueror Alistar30th April 2019975
Battle Principal Yuumi14th May 20191350
Battle Academia Lux15th May 20191350
Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition15th May 20192000 MSI Event Tokens
Battle Professor Graves15th May 20191350
Battle Academia Katarina15th May 20191350
Battle Academia Jayce15th May 20191350
Battle Academia Ezreal15th May 20191820
Little Demon Tristana30th May 20191350
Dark Star Shaco13th June 20191350
Dark Cosmic Jhin13th June 20191820
Dark Star Karma13th June 20191350
Arcade Kai’Sa28th June 20191350
Arcade Caitlyn28th June 20191350
Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition28th June 20192000 Arcade Event Tokens
Battle Boss Qiyana28th June 20191350
Battle Boss Yasuo28th June 20191350
Demacia Vice Garen18th July 20191350
Demacia Vice Lucian18th July 20191350
PROJECT: Warwick1st August 20191350
PROJECT: Pyke1st August 20191820
PROJECT: Jinx1st August 20191350
PROJECT: Akali1st August 20191350
PROJECT: Irelia1st August 20191350
PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition1st August 20192000 PROJECT Event Tokens
Hextech Rammus15th August 201910 Gemstones
Dragon Oracle Udyr15th August 20191350
Elderwood Ahri15th August 20191350
Elderwood Nocturne15th August 20191350
Elderwood Veigar15th August 20191350
Infernal Varus5th September 20191350
Infernal Galio5th September 20191350
Infernal Shen5th September 20191350
Star Guardian Neeko12th September 20191350
Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition12th September 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Star Guardian Xayah12th September 20191820
Star Guardian Rakan12th September 20191820
Star Guardian Zoe12th September 20191350
Valiant Sword Riven26th September 20191350
Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition26th September 20192000 World 2019 Event Tokens
Splendid Staff Nami26th September 20191350
Majestic Empress Morgana26th September 20191350
Hextech Amumu26th September 201910 Gemstones
Championship Ryze26th September 20191350
High Noon Darius10th October 20191350
High Noon Hecarim10th October 20191350
High Noon Ashe10th October 20191820
Bewitching Miss Fortune24th October 20191350
Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition24th October 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Count Kassadin24th October 20191350
Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank24th October 20191350
Annie-Versary27th October 2019Special Event
True Damage Qiyana10th November 20191350
True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition10th November 20192000 World 2019 Event Tokens
True Damage Ekko10th November 20191820
True Damage Akali10th November 20191350
True Damage Senna10th November 20191350
True Damage Yasuo10th November 20191350
Victorious Aatrox21st November 2019Gold or above in a ranked queue
Pulsefire Thresh21st November 20191350
Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition21st November 2019100 Prestige Tokens
Nightbringer Aphelios11th December 20191350
Nightbringer Lee Sin12th December 20191350
Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Edition12th December 20192000 Night & Dawn Event Tokens
Nightbringer Vladimir12th December 20191350
Nightbringer Soraka12th December 20191820
Dawnbringer Soraka12th December 20191820
Dawnbringer Nidalee12th December 20191350
Dawnbringer Karma12th December 20191350
Hextech Swain12th December 201910 Gemstones
Sugar Rush Evelynn17th December 20191350
Sugar Rush Braum17th December 20191350
Sugar Rush Zilean17th December 20191350
Sugar Rush Ziggs17th December 20191350

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