Top 10 Best Emotes in League of Legends 2024

Rifat MahmoodSoumyo Deb
By Rifat Mahmood Soumyo Deb
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Since emotes are one of the best ways to express yourself in League of Legends, now is the best time to rank them.

League of Legends is a team-based game released in 2009. Since then, communication has been a very important part of the game. And one of the ways that players can communicate is through emotes.

Emote was initially released in 2017. From that day, emote has been an integral part of League of Legends. Emote works similarly to the ping system, where players can pick one of the pre-assigned emotes with a hotkey. That emote will appear over your champion. Additionally, both allies and enemies can see your emote.

Emotes can be earned for free in-game. But if you want specific emotes immediately, then you have to buy them with RP or Riot Points.

With that said, as we have myriads of emotes in League of Legends, now is the best time to look at them.

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Top 10 Emotes in League of Legends

10. Clean

Image Credits: Riot Games

If you don’t know, this emote references a Disney movie called The Emperor’s New Groove. You can cast this emote when you do a sick play. Moreover, if your ally gets a sick kill, you can encourage them to do even sicker plays by using this emote.

9. Come at Me

Come At Me
Image Credits: Riot Games

“Come at me” is self-explanatory. You can flash this emote and make any ego-inflated mid-laner come at you. And if you are in a favorable position, then you can easily get a kill. But beware, cause if you die, get ready to experience infinite amounts of missing pings.

8. Little Camper

Little Camper
Image Credits: Riot Games

Though not many people use the ‘Little Camper’ emote, it is perfect for some niche scenarios. As a jungler, gank a lane twice in the first 5 minutes and flash this emote. The enemy laner will think twice before extending, even if you no longer plan to gank that lane. Or you can use this after killing the enemy jungler who has been hard-camping you all game.

7. Wahaha

Image Credits: Riot Games

If you need an emote to tilt your enemies because of their misplay, this “Wahaha” emote is just for you.

6. Okay

Image Credits: Riot Games

This is one of the most versatile emotes in the game. This can be both a wholesome emote or a tilting emote similar to the jinx one before. If you use it on your teammate, then it’s wholesome most of the time. Or if you use it because of the enemies’ misplay, then it’s equally tilting.

5. M’Pengu

Image Credits: Riot Games

If you genuinely want to be friendly and thank your opponent for fair play, M’Pengu is the way to go. Nobody will be mad at a penguin. This is a nice emote to flash at the end of the game or when you first see your opponent convey positive vibes.

4. Bee Mad

Bee Mad
Image Credits: Riot Games

League can sometimes be truly toxic, and people will go out of their way to annoy you. I always keep the ‘Bee Mad’ emote handy for when laners keep taking my jungle camps or my jungler coming to my lane and tax for no reason. Talking to them in chat gives them the attention they want, and they will keep doing those things. I never say anything and just flash this emote, and most of the time, they stop and int somewhere else.


Image Credits: Riot Games

Misplays are common in League of Legends. And if you see either you or your teammate do a questionable play, then the “Towa” emote is the right one to use. It just means that the play was super questionable and doesn’t even need elaboration.

2. D’Pengu

Image Credits: Riot Games

This emote is basically an amplified version of the previous Clean emote. You can use it after a sick kill or play. Furthermore, who doesn’t like a dabbing penguin?

1. Oh…

Image Credits: Riot Games

This is the Teemo version of the Surprised Pickachu Face meme. I love flashing this emote. The possibilities with this emote are endless. I flash this emote when the enemy makes a misplay, I die to a gank, or my jungler offers me the red buff. It is truly a great emote to have in your collection.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.
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