Top 10 Best Emotes in League of Legends 2023

Emotes provide a fun way to express yourself without typing. Let’s take a look at the best emotes in League of Legends.

Emotes were first added to the game in 2017. At first, some fans thought it wasn’t something special, just another way for Riot to earn more money. But they soon realized you get tons of emotes just by playing the game. So there is no need to spend money, and the emotes are great for communicating on the rift.

You can thank your ally for helping you, laugh at your own and your enemy’s misplays, tilt your enemy, and many other things just by using emotes. Everybody uses emotes as a way of banter in League of Legends. It makes the game way more fun. Nothing feels better than outplaying your opponent and using an emote to rub salt in the wound.

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Or you might want to be a wholesome player and use emotes to encourage people or show appreciation. Whatever your reason is for using emotes, you need to have the best ones in your collection. So let’s see some of the best emotes in League of Legends.

Top 10 Emotes in League of Legends

10. Clean

Clean, Image Via Riot Games

You can use the emote ‘Clean’ when you make some nice plays or steal an objective. Or you can use this to encourage your allies after they get kills. I like to flash this emote while escaping the enemy with a sliver of HP.

9. Come at Me

Come At Me
Come at Me, Image Via Riot Games

The emote ‘Come at me’ features Yasuo. But I found it works the best against enemy Yasuos. No matter how behind they are, you flash this emote once, and the Yasuo player will always come at you to take a fight.

8. Little Camper

Little Camper
Little Camper, Image Via Riot Games

Though not many people use the ‘Little Camper’ emote, it is perfect for some niche scenarios. As a jungler, gank a lane twice in the first 5 minutes and flash this emote. The enemy laner will think twice before extending, even if you no longer plan to gank that lane. Or you can use this after killing the enemy jungler who has been hard camping you all game.

7. Wahaha

Wahaha, Image Via Riot Games

You need a spammable emote to truly tilt your opponent. The ‘Wahaha’ emote provides just that. Use this to laugh at your enemies’ misplays. This is the emote equivalent of Lulu’s laugh in League of Legends.

6. Okay

Okay, Image Via Riot Games

After the slightly negative Jinx emote, it is time for something wholesome. And there is nothing more wholesome than a Rammus giving you a thumbs up. You can use this to thank your allies. But if you are like me, you will probably use it after your opponent uses everything to kill you and fails miserably, while standing on their dead body. Because there is nothing more infuriating than a Rammus giving you a thumbs up while you are dead.

5. M’Pengu

M’Pengu, Image Via Riot Games

If you genuinely want to be friendly and thank your opponent for fair play, M’Pengu is the way to go. Nobody will be mad at a penguin. This is a nice emote to flash at the end of the game or when you first see your opponent convey positive vibes.

4. Bee Mad

Bee Mad
Bee Mad, Image Via Riot Games

League can sometimes be truly toxic, and people will go out of their way to annoy you. I always keep the ‘Bee Mad’ emote handy for when laners keep taking my jungle camps or my jungler coming to my lane and tax for no reason. Talking to them in chat gives them the attention they want, and they will keep doing those things. I never say anything and just flash this emote, and most of the time, they stop and int somewhere else.


Towa, Image Via Riot Games

You can always ping your allies with question marks for misplays. Now you can do that to your enemies as well. The ‘Towa’ emote is perfect if you want to tilt your enemies off the face of the Earth. I have seen people get so mad that they start typing in chat. It’s just fun times.

2. D’Pengu

D’Pengu, Image Via Riot Games

What is not to love about a penguin wearing a sunglass just ‘Dabbing’? This is an excellent emote to flash after a sweet outplay or objective steal. The animated version of D’Pengu is even better. Nothing more needs to be said about this one.

1. Oh…

Oh…, Image Via Riot Games

This is the Teemo version of the Surprised Pickachu Face meme. I love flashing this emote. The possibilities with this emote are endless. I flash this emote when the enemy makes a misplay, I die to a gank, or my jungler is offering me the red buff. It is truly a great emote to have in your collection.

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