Top 10 Best Icons in League of Legends 2023

Summoner Icons are like profile pictures for your League of Legends account. There are some fantastic icons you can use to stand out from the others.

There are more than 2500 summoner icons in League of Legends. The summoner icon is the only accessory in the game that has so many options to choose from. There are icons of champions, skins, events, designs, and just random things.

The new Challenges are out, and you can earn the title ‘Iconic’ by collecting them. But collecting summoner icons is a long-term process. So even if you start now, there are many beautiful icons you have already missed. But if you don’t care about collecting every icon and just want to know the best ones, you are in the right place.

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But first, I just want to say it is not easy to choose the best among 2500 icons. Also, I tried to keep it so that most of the icons in the list are still obtainable. So you can buy the ones you truly like.

Top 10 Summoner Icons in League of Legends

10. Transcendent

Transcendent Icon
Icon: Transcendent, Image Via Riot Games

Released in 2017, the ‘Transcendent’ icon is one of the best icons in League of Legends. It resembles the Yin-Yang symbol. You can still get this icon from the shop for 250 RP.

9. Lion Banner

Lion Banner Icon
Icon: Lion Banner, Image Via Riot Games

The ‘Lion Banner’ Icon came out in 2018 with the God-King Garen/Darius skins. The blue theme of this looks great on your profile, especially if you use a bluish background as well. This icon is still available on the market for 250 RP.

8. Wolf Banner

Wolf Banner Icon
Icon: Wolf Banner, Image Via Riot Games

The ‘Wolf Banner’ icon was released with the previous one during the same event. Again, you can set up your profile with a red background or dark background, and it will look amazing. This is another icon that is available to purchase.

7. Vintage

Vintage Icon
Icon: Vintage, Image Via Riot Games

The ‘Vintage’ icon is pretty rare. Unlike the previous icons on this list, you can’t purchase this one. The vintage icon was given to players as compensation when Riot re-released a limited edition skin that they owned.

6. Orbital Laser

Orbital Laser
Icon: Orbital Laser, Image Via Riot Games

Orbital Laser is a special type of icon. It is a legacy icon released in 2015 for the URF game mode. Equipping this icon caused executions in games to have special effects. Whenever you killed someone, there would be lasers coming down from the sky.

5. 2013 Challenger

2013 Challenger Icon
Icon: 2013 Challenger, Image Via Riot Games

The 2013 ‘Challenger’ icon is the first challenger icon given by Riot. That’s why it is one of the rarest icons in the game, and it’s also perfect to inflict fear on your opponents. But even if you don’t have it, any Challenger icon is worth showing off.

4. Ashes, Ashes

Ashes Ashes Icon
Icon: Ashes, Ashes, Image Via Riot Games

‘Ashes, Ashes’ is a very beautiful icon. This is a legacy icon that is not always available in the store. The flower with some fiery pallets look is quite unique.


Project jhin icon
Icon: PROJECT Jhin, Image Via Riot Games

There are so many summoner icons related to different champions and events, it is hard to choose a favorite. But the PROJECT Jhin has to be up there as one of the best icons. This icon is available in the shop to purchase for 250 RP.

2. Archlight Yorick

Arclight Yorick
Icon: Archlight Yorick, Image Via Riot Games

The ‘Archlight Yorick’ is another beautiful icon. It is available on the market for purchase. It looks better, especially with a ranked border. This is one of the best icons, in my opinion.

1. Perfect Ascension

Perfect Ascension
Icon: Perfect Ascension, Image Via Riot Games

The ‘Perfect Ascension’ icon is one of the best summoner icons in the game and one of the rarest. The Ascension game mode was a rotating game mode where each team fought to become ascended and stay that way. To obtain this icon, you had to deny the enemy team from being ascended once during a game.

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