Prowlers are getting fixed with the upcoming Apex Legends season 11 patch

AI wildlife in the new Storm Point map is set to receive some much-needed changes with the upcoming Apex Legends season 11 patch.

With the Apex Legends season 11 update, Respawn Entertainment introduced AI wildlife in the game. While Spiders and Flyers provided the players with additional loot if they needed it, Prowlers on the other hand started to cause a lot of third parties.

As Apex Legends is synonymous with third parties at this point, Respawn Entertainment went out of its way to develop the new Storm Point map from the ground up to be an anti-third party.

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Storm Point features fewer third parties

To decrease the number of third parties, Respawn made the map way bigger. In fact, Storm Point is by far the biggest map in the game by a solid margin of around 15%. That being said, some big-name streamers like Shroud cast doubt on whether or not Respawn actually succeeded in achieving their design goals with the new map.

Storm Point map Apex
Image via Respawn

Aside from a very few outliers, most players in the Apex Legends community agreed that this tropical-themed Storm Point map was a great addition to the current map pool. Although competitive players didn’t like one element of the new Storm Point map.

Should Respwn remove Prowlers from ranked?

The AI in the new map especially the prowlers were behaving a bit weird as they would start attacking players out of nowhere. In the competitive lobby, getting attacked by Prowlers that deal decent damage while fighting with another squad can be really chaotic.

On top of that, Prowlers were attacking downed players as well. A Respawn developer Rodney Reece later clarified that Prowlers attacking downed players are most definitely a bug and will be fixed with the next patch.

Also, the dev later went on to assure the player base that they are also going to make adjustments to some parts of the map to provide more cover particularly around the edges of the Barometer.

Additionally, end circles and zones are going to receive updates as well since some end circles on the new Storm Point map can be really one-sided or end up on open spaces. All of these fixes and more are coming with the next patch in Apex Legends season 11, confirmed by the dev.

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