Shroud is Worried About the Design of the Season 11 Storm Point Map in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shroud/Respawn

Respawn added a completely new tropical-themed map called “Storm Point” with the new season 11 update of Apex Legends.

Similar to each new seasonal update in Apex Legends, Respawn introduces a plethora of content, such as a new Legend, a new weapon, a brand new Battle Pass for players to grind, new ranked rewards, and more.

However, the addition of completely new maps happens few and far between, as Respawn usually takes up to 1–1.5 years to develop a map from the ground up. Storm Point is the fourth addition to the current map pool in the game.

Also, this is by far the biggest map in the game by quite a large margin. It was done intentionally by the devs to solve one of the major problems in the game, which is endless third parties.

By making the map bigger, Respawn made a conscious decision to avoid rampant third parties in the game since they have a negative connotation within the Apex community. This, paired with AI wildlife, has made this map stand out from the other existing maps in the game.

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Shroud on the New Storm Point Map

However, not everyone agrees with this sentiment. Popular streamer Michael Grzesiek, more commonly known by his online moniker ‘Shroud’ has been quite vocal about Respawn’s approach to the map design in the season 11 update.

Shroud on Twitch
Image via Shroud on Twitch

According to Shroud, there are two problems with the new map. The first issue is that the new map is too big. As such, you don’t really see anyone until the very end of the game if you drop last from the dropship. Alternatively, if you hot drop, you will be bombarded with third parties.

The second issue with the map, according to Shroud, is that the new map has become more reliant on legend-specific abilities. For example, Pathfinder can use tactical ability to get to spots that are not easily accessible to most characters. In that sense, Shroud thinks Apex Legends is slowly becoming a “character advantage” type of title where abilities are becoming more prevalent.

Since power creep in hero shooters is a real issue, Shroud might not be in the wrong here. That aside, most players and content creators don’t really share Shroud’s opinion on the new map.

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While some players believe this map might be a little too big for its own good, most players agree Storm Point is a solid addition to the current map pool in the game.

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