A new upgradeable “Mythic” tier skin is being worked on for BloodHound, a new Apex Legends leak suggests

Respawn might be working on a new type of “Mythic” character skin which is a tier above the legendary skins in Apex Legends.

The highly anticipated new Apex Legends season 11 update is here and so far it has been smooth sailing for Respawn apart from some minor sound and balance-related bugs. And similar to every new seasonal update, data miners went to work and dug through the game files to see what Respawn has been working on.

Turns out, a new type of “Mythic” category of skin is being worked on at Respawn. According to the leaks, a new entry for an upcoming Bloodhound skin called “Mythic Level 3 Proxytest” has been added to the game files.

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Mythic Bloodhound Skin

The mythic moniker hints at the possibility of a completely new tier of skin that might be above the legendary skins in the game. And the next part of the entry that says “Level 3” suggests these new tiers of skins might be upgradeable.

However, data miners have not found any other data apart from this placeholder text regarding this upcoming new skin line from Respawn. While Respawn already has had reactive battle pass skins for a while, they are yet to introduce something similar to the character skins as well.

If we look around the battle royale landscape, this idea of a reactive character skin is not inherently a new one. Fortnite, a battle royale competitor to Apex Legends has been impressing their player base with battle pass exclusive skins with different tiers of upgrades available to them.

Fortnite Reactive skins
Image via Dexerto

Even VALORANT a tactical shooter from Riot Games has also been putting out unique-looking upgradeable reactive skins for a while. So, it is not that hard to imagine EA and Respawn Entertainment following suit. That being said, this is still a leak and in no way an official confirmation from Respawn themselves. Therefore, take these leaks with a grain of salt.

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