Apex Legends dev confirms much-requested update to the Storm Point map is in the works

The highly anticipated season 11 update of Apex Legends is here and it introduced a brand new tropical map called “Storm Point”.

Storm Point is the fourth map that Respawn added to the map pool of Apex. Aside from it being the first tropical-themed map with AI wildlife, this map is by far the biggest map in the game beating the previous record-holder World’s Edge by around 15%.

Turns out, Respawn listened to fans’ feedback and made a map from the ground up to get rid of all those relentless third parties. To deal with third parties, Respawn made the map really big and scattered all the POIs throughout the whole map in a way that will discourage players from taking part in unnecessary third parties.

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However, not everyone agrees that Respawn succeeded with their design intentions as Shroud stated that since the map is so big you either come across a lot of third parties if you drop in highly contested POIs or see nobody for the whole game if you decide to play safe and drop a little further away from the drop ship.

Storm Point Apex
Image via Respawn

On top of that, most players agree that Storm Point’s end zones require some retouch as some end circles end up in mountains or in areas that are not easily accessible. Also, a lot of Apex Legends players are complaining that the new map doesn’t have enough cover like rocks or trees. As such, players are more susceptible to gun fires.

Storm Point fixes are coming

Turns out, the devs at Respawn Entertainment are constantly listening to player feedback and fixes to almost all the common issues are coming really soon in a patch. The upcoming fix will give players more cover to avoid gunfires in the open.

“There are also cover adjustments throughout the map. Things like rocks that are now larger to provide more cover, some areas (particularly around the edges of Barometer) have new cover, and more in general around chokes.”, Rodney Reece, Principal Level Designer at Respawn Entertainment.

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So, weird end-game circles will finally receive a much-needed fix. However, the dev didn’t mention anything regarding any changes to the Prowlers or an increase in the actual player count on the map as that also has been a hotly debated topic within the Apex community. Hopefully, Respawn will address these issues with the upcoming patch.

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