Respawn Officially Teased World’s Edge Fragment Changes Coming to Season 17

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends Season 17 will give World’s Edge an utterly new makeover by demolishing Fragment and introducing a new POI in that area.

The Season 16 of Apex Legends was a huge success, breaking the player count record previously held in Season 14. Although there hasn’t been any significant map change, the introduction of Mirage a Trois in World’s Edge, Storm Point, and Broken Moon kept things slightly interesting.

However, in Season 17, Respawn has something big in mind. According to the recent teasers, a huge World’s Edge update will take place in the Fragment West and replace the ever-popular streamer building with a completely new POI.

In Season 15, a rumor surfaced about a Fragment overhaul to be happening in Season 16. Although the changes did not occur in Season 16, a small hint was given to the community through the Season 16 Launch Trailer.

Nonetheless, with the announcement of Season 17 Arsenal, Respawn officially declared that the World’s Edge would be updated. However, much information was yet to be revealed about the exact changes to be made until now.

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Fragment Overhaul in World’s Edge

On August 29, 2023, Respawn renamed its official Apex Legends Twitter page to Apex Games Museum to tease the upcoming World’s Edge changes in the East and West Fragment. Moreover, a series of teasers were uploaded continuously to give the community a good idea of the new POI and its layout.

Based on the teasers, it looks like the name of the new POI will be “Apex Games Museum” instead of Fragment East/ West. Moreover, the museum’s interior will be filled with lores and Thunderdome histories to make it more interesting for the newer and older player base.

The new POI will mainly replace the Market area from the Fragment. Moreover, Apex Games Museum will also remove the Zipline Building from Fragment West. Fortunately, the streamer building from Fragment East won’t be taken down, so the “sweaty wraiths” don’t have to worry about it. There will be other small to significant adjustments made to the new POI in addition to these significant ones.

This will certainly change how World’s Edge map will be played in the future. A similar change was also made to Skulltown in Kings Canyon, which was not accepted by the community very positively. So, it will be interesting to see whether the new changes will make World’s Edge more exciting or if it’ll also meet the same fate as Kings Canyon.

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