TSM ImperialHal is Burnt Out and is Taking a Step Back from Apex Legends

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By Nazmul Hassan
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TSM Apex’s superstar ImperialHal is likely to take a long break from the game due to an unexpected lack of performance and mental health issues.

Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, commonly known as ImperialHal, has been playing for TSM since March 2019 and is one of the very first members to join the roster. Since his joining TSM, ImperialHal has grown a reputation as the best IGL in Apex Legends.

Not only is he a great IGL, but he is also one of the most mechanically gifted players the community has seen. His talent started to shine more since he switched his input from MnK to Controller.

With his lead, the team recently won the 2022-2023 Split 1 Playoffs, and ImperialHal became the MVP of the tournament. However, after years of grinding, the game started to affect the TSM star, and he decided to step down from the Apex Legends for a while.

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ImperialHal is Stepping Down from Apex

Due to relentless grinding and pouring hours into the game daily, player burnout is a regular occurrence in the Esports industry. Players become frustrated by the constant grinding, especially if the desired outcome is not obtained.

It looks like ImperialHal is also going through the same situation as he continues to fight mental health issues affecting the team’s overall performance. So, ImperialHal has announced that he’ll play Apex Legends “very little” going forward.

It is not the first time ImperialHal has said something like this out of frustration. However, the TSM star always came back to the game stronger than before. So it is expected that this time will be no different. Moreover, ALGS Split 2 Pro League is ongoing. So hopefully, we’ll be able to see ImperialHal in action pretty soon.

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