New Season 17 Teaser Leads Players to Believe More Firing Range Changes are on its Way

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends Season 16 will end pretty soon, and the recent teaser from Respawn might’ve hinted at the next wave of Firing Range overhaul in Season 17.

Since the launch of Apex Legends, the Firing Range has remained mostly the same with little to no change. Moreover, the former Firing Range lacked many functionalities preventing players from improving at the game.

Even the Apex Legends Mobile had a better Firing Range than the original version. To get better features, players had to opt-in for third-party aim trainers such as KovaaK’s and Flowstate.

Nonetheless, after 15 seasons, Respawn eventually heard the community feedback and made necessary upgrades to the Firing Range with the launch of Season 16 with many customization options and QoL improvements. However, the changes were not enough to make everyone satisfied. Nonetheless, Respawn assured everyone that moving forward, more changes would be made to the Firing Range.

Season 17 Firing Range teaser
Credit: ea

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More Firing Range Changes in Season 17?

More new players joining the game was Respawn’s main goal for Season 16. The plan was successful, as Season 16 of Apex Legends saw a record-breaking number of concurrent players.

Nonetheless, Respawn is not done with Apex yet. Further adjustments to the game, including modifications to the Firing Range, are planned for the next seasons. And Respawn has already referenced a possible Firing Range upgrade scheduled to launch with Season 17 alongside a new Legend: Ballistic.

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If you enter the Firing Range now, you’ll find many cargo boxes labeled “Cargo Migration Initiative.” These cargo boxes were transferred to Firing Range using a huge carrier labeled “Outlands Moving Co.”

Reading the description of the cargo boxes, you’ll see a hidden message “#S17FR2K23RSPN” which clearly reads “Season 17 Firing Range 2023 Respawn.” Moreover, every cargo box shipped is about 40 kg each, with more than dozens of them lying around the carrier.

With all the large cargoes arriving, it is certain that Season 17 will see a significant improvement in Firing Range. The update may perhaps be more significant than the Season 16 Firing Range update. Although the specific adjustments Respawn plans to make are yet unknown, the community is hoping for something amazing with a lot more functionalities.

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