How to Download and Install Apex Legends Flowstate Aim Trainer for Free

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The best aim trainer Flowstate is finally here. This guide will help you to download and install this incredible aim trainer and take your Apex Legends mastery to the next level.

Flowstate is an aim trainer for Apex Legends, developed by @CafeFPS. This is a plugin for R5 Reloaded. If you didn’t know already, the R5 Reloaded is a modded Apex Legends that allows you to play the game by setting your own rules.

However, you cannot connect online and play with others through R5 Reloaded. So, it is not cheating and is safe to use as it does not tamper with the original Apex Legends files in your system.

CafeFPS had been working on an Apex Legends aim trainer for a long time. The trainer was in development for about a year. But finally, it is released as a fully featured aim trainer for Apex. The things you can do with it will blow your mind.

To know more about what Flowstate aim trainer is and what it does, check out this link.

How to Download and Install Flowstate Aim Trainer

Now, let’s get to the most important part. As mentioned earlier, Flowstate is a plugin for R5 Reloaded, which is a mod for Apex Legends. So, to get the Flowstate aim trainer, you need to download the R5 Reloaded first and install the Flowstate aim trainer later.

At first, it may seem like a lot of work. However, once you set it up, you will not have to touch it ever again. All you need to do is to make sure you have enough space in your storage. Because it is going to occupy some space from your storage. And this is the only downside of this trainer.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the step-by-step guide on how to download R5 Reloaded and install the Flowstate aim trainer:

First Phase (R5 Reloaded Installation)

1. Download and install the Origin client and login with an alternative account.

Note: There are no prior records of people getting banned for using R5 Reloaded. However, it is recommended to use an alternative account rather than your original one.

2. Make sure Apex legends is in the Origin Library. Downloading the game is not necessary.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

3. You need a Torrent application to download the files as R5 is a third-party mod. So, Download qBittorrent if you don’t have it already.

4. Open qBittorrent, and Click the button shown in the red highlighted area in the top left corner.

Credit: R5Reloaded

5. copy this magnet link given below and paste it in the box in qBittorrent.

Credit: R5 Reloaded

6. Click on download and select where you want it to download to, then click “ok”

Credit: R5 Reloaded

7. It will now start downloading the season 3 build of Apex Legends.

Credit: R5 Reloaded

8. Once it says seeding, it means it is done downloading. You can right-click on the download and click pause.

Credit: R5 Reloaded

9. Right-click on it once more and click “open destination folder.”

Credit: R5 Reloaded

10. Now, you will want to download the latest release of SDK. Make sure to download “”

Credit: R5 Reloaded

11. Open the downloaded zip in either 7zip or winrar

Credit: R5 Reloaded

12. You will now want to select everything in the zip and drag it into your Season 3 build of apex legends (make sure to drag it into the base folder and not a folder.)

Credit: R5 Reloaded

13. Allow it to replace files.

Credit: R5 Reloaded

14. And you are now done! You can either open r5apex.exe or launcher.exe to start R5Reloaded up!

Second Phase (Flowstate aim trainer installation)

1. Go to the Flowstate aim trainer GitHub webpage, click the green Code, and click “Download ZIP.”

Credit: Skeptation_YT

2. Click the latest release from the right side of the webpage.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

3. Download the three files highlighted.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

4. Take note of the locations the files need to go.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

5. Open the folder where you installed your R5 Reloaded game initially. Open Platform> Scripts and copy all the content from inside the r5 aim trainer ZIP (you downloaded it in Step 1) and paste them into the “Scripts” folder.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

6. Copy “playlists_r5_patch.txt” (you downloaded it in Step 3) to “platform” folder.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

7. Make a new folder inside the “platform” folder and name it “resource”. Then, make a new folder inside the resource folder and name it “ui”. After that copy “hudscripted_mp.res” (you downloaded it in Step 3) file and paste it into “ui” folder.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

8. Now, go to the main R5 Reloaded folder and open “Win64″ inside the”pak” folder. Copy “aimtrainer.rpak” and paste it into “pak” folder.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

8. You are done installing the aim trainer for R5 Reloaded. To play aim trainer, click r5apex.exe or launcher.exe from the R5 Reloaded. After that press: Create Server> Select Playlist> Flowstate Aim Trainers.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

9. Select a map and enjoy Flowstate aim trainer.

Credit: Skeptation_YT

Video Tutorial on How to Install R5 Reloaded and Flowstate

YouTube video

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The installation process may seem overwhelming at first glance. Although it is a lengthy process, the steps are pretty simple and self-explanatory. Also, once you install the R5 Reloaded and Flowstate aim trainer, you won’t have to repeat the whole process ever again. So, it is worth it if you want to experience Flowstate.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the best aim trainer for Apex Legends and take your Apex Legends mastery to the next level.

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