The Best Aim Trainer for Apex Legends is Here, and it is Free!

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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A guy who goes by the name @cafeFPS created the best aim trainer called Flowstate for Apex Legends. And, it is going to blow your mind.

Apex Legends was released in 2019 with a surprise launch. The game broke the Battle Royale genre with the addition of the Hero Shooter aspect, precise gunplay, and incredible movement mechanisms.

Although the game promotes excellent movements and precise aiming, the built-in Training mode does not help train either of these to the fullest. Respawn added a Firing Range in late 2019, but it wasn’t the trainer players were looking for.

Popular aim trainers such as Aim Lab, Kovaak’s, and Apex aim trainer are available in the steam that helps players to train their aim very well. However, these do not always represent Apex Legends’ core gameplay and can cost you some money.

The mobile version of Apex Legends also has a better and more advanced Firing Range in game compared to the PC version. So players have been asking for a better aim trainer for a long time now. And, the wait might have come to an end.

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Flowstate Aim Trainer for Apex

If you didn’t know already, there is a modded Apex Legends called R5 Reloaded that allows you to play the game by setting your own rules. However, you cannot connect online and play with others through R5 Reloaded. So, it is not cheating and is safe to use as it does not tamper with the original Apex Legends files in your system.

An R5 Reloaded modder called CafeFPS has been working on an Apex Legends aim trainer for a long time. The trainer was in development for about a year. But finally, it is released as a fully featured aim trainer for Apex. The things you can do with it will blow your mind.

If you’re wondering how to download and install the latest Flowstate aim trainer for Apex Legends. Here is a complete step-by-step guide.

What’s New With the Flowstate Aim Trainer?

Unlike other aim trainers, Flowstate aim trainer will let you have the authentic Apex Legends experience while accurately representing your environment, weapons, and enemies. You can select and choose different challenges from the given options, allowing you to train on anything you feel you need to work on.

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Currently, 14 unique challenges in Flowstate cover basically everything you might face during your battle against enemies. The Settings option will also let you choose any gun with any attachment. Moreover, you can control dummies’ shields, strafing speed, health, and more.

Can I Get Banned for Using Flowstate Aim Trainer?

Flowstate aim trainer is a mod for R5 Reloaded. As mentioned earlier, the R5 Reloaded does not use your original game files. There has not been any previous report of players getting banned for using R5 Reloaded. So, it is pretty much safe to assume that using Flowstate mod will not get you banned from Apex Legends.

According to Biast12, a reputed data miner in the community, the Devs have confirmed that “they don’t care as long as we (players) can’t affect the main game files.” However, it is recommended to use an alternate ID while logging in to R5 Reloaded to avoid any potential bans in the future.

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