Apex Legends Reached a New Milestone with 50% More Players Than Last Season on Steam

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By Nazmul Hassan
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As Season 16 went live, Apex Legends broke its previous record for the most concurrent player count.

Respawn just shook things up with the release of Apex Legends Season 16. A huge Legend-class rework happened that changed the current Legend meta. On the other hand, the introduction of Nemesis, the overhaul of the Firing Range, and the weapon-related changes also spiced things for the better.

On the plus side, these adjustments did make it easier for the existing and veteran players to experience varieties in the game. Additionally, the Orientation Matches are helping new players to get into the world of Apex Legends without getting punished by the old players.

Thanks to all the great changes, Apex Legends just witnessed the peak player count of its lifetime on Steam. Not only that, it is almost 50% more than the previous season’s peak player count.

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Apex Broke its Player Count Record

Apex Legends just hit 624,473 peak players on February 18, 2023, on the Steam platform. This happened four days after Season 16: Revelry was released.

Apex Legends’ previous record for most active players at a time was 510,286 in Season 14. However, in Season 15, Apex Legends only peaked at 413,670 players at some point. If we compare it to the new record of 624,473 players, the game had a 51% increase in peak players in Season 16.

And Steam is not the only platform players play this game. The data on Steamcharts.com does not show data from PS, XBOX, or Origin. So, the peak player count will be a lot higher than what is shown here. Nonetheless, with all the good changes happening in the game, it looks like Apex Legends is moving in the right direction.

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