Apex Legends Adds “Orientation Matches” to Make the Game Friendly for New Players

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Respawn announced that they will implement Orientation Matches for new Apex Legends players in Season 16 to help them become acclimated.

In 2019, Apex Legends joined the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse and shocked everyone with its exceptional gameplay mechanics and features. The game became immensely popular due to Respawn’s brilliant adaptation of the hero shooter concept into a battle royale setting.

Apex Legends just turned 4 years old on February 2, 2023. Currently, the game is the playground for more than 130 million players, and the player count keeps increasing every Season. Yet, because of Apex Legends’ high skill ceiling, the game is considered unfriendly for newcomers.

Because of that, in Season 16, Respawn is introducing Orientation Matches into the game. According to the devs, “Orientation matches will create a lower-pressure environment where new players can get their bearings, learn the core mechanics, and have a little more space to breathe while they learn how to play Apex Legends.”

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How will Orientation Matches Work?

According to Respawn, the year 2023 will be a great time for new players to join Apex Legends because of the Orientation Match system. The main concept of the Orientation Match is to place the new players against bots in a battle royale environment.

Orientation Matches will help players grasp the game’s unique features and learn the mechanics without sweating hard. This way, players won’t have to face the smurfs or experienced players in the game and enjoy Apex Legends for what it is.

Players can play as solos or party with friends and experience a handful of Orientation Matches. The Orientation Matches will be played only in Kings Canyon. There will be 16 squads of bots, except your team. However, there can be three more squads with real players alongside your squad in the same lobby.

According to Dexerto, players can only “graduate” and play against the rest of the base after gaining a certain amount of reps by winning or placing top 5 in Orientation Matches. Players will continue to be assigned to Orientation Matches until then.

The Orientation Matches are a great introduction by Respawn to attract more players into the game. With all the changes and improvements coming in Season 16, Apex Legends’ future seems brighter than ever.

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