Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection Event: New Skins, Heirloom Shards, Mirage Voyage Returning & More

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Credit: EA

Apex Legends just turned four years old. As a tradition, Respawn will be celebrating the game’s 4th anniversary with a brand-new anniversary event.

Apex Legends, which entered the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse in 2019, surprised everyone with its extraordinary gameplay and features. Everyone was astonished by Respawn’s flawless implementation of the hero shooter idea into a battle royale environment, and the game became popular very quickly.

Apex Legends celebrated its fourth birthday on February 4, 2023. Although a lot has changed since the game was released, the core aspects of the game still remain the same. Apex Legends has seen several ups and downs, but it is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down.

To celebrate Apex’s success and the completion of 4 years, Respawn will release an Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event on February 22, 2023. Like always, there’ll be new and old cosmetic items, free rewards, and lots of surprises waiting for players.

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Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Collection Event

Skins and Cosmetic Items

Legend Skins

Legend Skins
Credit: EA
Legend Skins
Credit: EA
Credit: EA

There’ll be 9 legendary character skins for the following legends in the Year 4 Anniversary Collection Event:

  • Newcastle
  • Bangalore
  • Catalyst
  • Octane
  • Horizon
  • Ash
  • Lifeline
  • Pathfinder
  • Gibraltar

Weapon Skins


Anniversary Banner Frames

Heirloom Shards

There were rumors that the Wraith Heirloom would get a new color in the Apex Legends community, but it looks like players will have to wait a little longer for that.

Instead, Respawn will feature 150 Heirloom Shards for collecting all the items from the Anniversary Collection Event, similar to Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event. Players will be able to unlock any available Heirloom or Prestige skin using the Heirloom Shards.

Mirage Voyage Returning

Mirage Voyage is returning, but is now called “Mirage à trois”, and will be on ALL maps for the duration of the season. It has been revamped as an “interactive loot party” with a new dance floor and more.

Free Community Reward Tracker

Reward Tracker
Credit: EA

Players can earn free cosmetic items by earning points throughout the duration of Collection Event. The event reward will include:

  • Wattson Skin
  • Fuse Skin
  • CAR SMG Skin
  • Wingman Skin

More Free Rewards

Respawn will give away two thematic packs in the Apex Legends 2023 anniversary event. The Thematic Packs will be based on Ash and Crypto.

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