Apex Legends Season 16 “Revelry” Battle Pass: First Look, Price, Release Date

Data miners have already uncovered the Season 16 Battle Pass’s theme. It appears that the upcoming season will feature a musical/party theme.

Apex Legends was Respawn’s first foray into the free-to-play first-person shooter market. And instead of using their previous model for monetization, they opted to use the tried-and-tested “freemium” model.

This freemium model includes seasonal Battle Passes introducing new cosmetic items, sky emotes, banners, seasonal trackers, music packs, and more to keep things fresh. On top of that, Battle passes also include legendary reactive skins that evolve with kills. These reactive-tier skins are sought after by the Apex community.

Respawn is taking a completely different approach with the Season 16 Battle Pass. Prominent data miners such as Senos and HYPERMYST discovered the codename “PartyMusic” and multiple cosmetic items set to be released with the Season 16 Battle Pass. The original name of the season was later accidentally revealed by Respawn to be Revelry.

Based on the leaked photos that we’ve seen, the Revelry Battle Pass will have cosmetic items associated with musical instruments, parties, concerts, and more. Despite little information being provided, the season’s name provides a reliable hint as to what the Season 16 Battle Pass will include.

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Season 16 Revelry Battle Pass First Look

Epic Weapon Skins

Epic Legend Skins

Rare Weapon and Legend Skins

Season 16 Revelry Battle Pass Price

Expect to pay around 950 Apex coins to unlock the season 16 Battle Pass, which equals approximately $10 based on previous Battle Passes.

Season 16 Revelry Battle Pass Release Date

The Season 16 Revelry Battle Pass will be released on February 14, 2023, alongside the new season.

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