Apex Legends 2023 Anniversary Event will Supposedly Feature 150 Shards Instead of Mythic Item

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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A new leak has revealed that the 2023 Anniversary Event will reward players with 150 shards instead of a Mythic-tier item.

Although Apex Legends Season 15 was pretty lackluster content-wise, Respawn tried to make it up with the continuous release of Collection Events. Respawn has already released 3 Collection Events (Wintertide, Spellbound, Celestial Sunrise) in Season 15, and the next one will arrive as soon as Season 16 begins as an Anniversary Event.

Apex Legends will celebrate its 4th anniversary on February 22, 2023, a week after Season 16 goes live. There are already leaks and rumors related to the upcoming 2023 Anniversary Event content that is supposed to be released.

Among them, experts believed that the 2023 Anniversary Collection Event would feature the Wraith Heirloom Recolor that was leaked recently. However, a popular content creator and data miner, Thordan Smash, confirmed that the reward would not be the Heirloom recolor.

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150 Heirloom Shards as a Reward in Anniversary Event

The Apex Legends 2021 Anniversary Collection Event rewarded 150 Heirloom Shards for collecting all event items. However, in 2022, Respawn released the Bloodhound Prestige skin as the reward for Anniversary Collection Event.

Nevertheless, it looks like, Respawn is going to bring back the 150 Heirloom Shard event once again in the 2023 Anniversary Event. ExoMadara, a leaker from the French Apex community, revealed it to be the case, and Thordan Smash, further verified it.

Thordan Smash also claimed in his recent video that the leaks from ExoMadara have been 100% accurate. So, according to Thordan Smash, we’ll be getting Heirloom Shard as the reward for collecting all 24 items from the 2023 Anniversary Event. However, it seems unlikely that players will get the 50% discount similar to the 2021 Anniversary Event.

Although Wraith mains might be a bit disappointed, provided there will be no Wraith Heirloom recolor in this event. Yet, most of the player base will be happy to get the 150 Shards, as they’ll be able to unlock any Mythic item of their choice.

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