Apex Legends season 8 ‘Anniversary’ collection event: all the upcoming skin recolors

A new leak in Apex Legends suggests season 8 will feature an ‘Anniversary’ collection event.

That means players who have been constantly grinding for an heirloom since day one might finally get a chance to craft the exact heirloom that they want. Basically, this event might be similar to all other collection events in the past with paid event-exclusive loot boxes.

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However, instead of an event themed heirloom, players will get heirloom shards. The collection event will also feature recolors of some old legendary skins. Some of these skins have been leaked while others are still untextured meaning they are not finished as of writing.

Anniversary character skin recolors

Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable data miner in Apex Legends revealed all the skins that are getting the recolor treatment in the upcoming Anniversary event. All these recolors are from the first Iron Crown event back in 2019.

All the untextured skins

More skins could still be under development. As these skins are still untextured, it is still hard to tell what the final product will look like.

Anniversary collection weapon recolors

Season 1 battle pass weapon skin recolor

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This article will be updated when more skins get revealed.

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