Apex Legends’ new character ‘Fuse’ seemingly leaked

A new leak from a pretty reliable data miner in Apex Legends suggests Fuse might be the next character in season 8.

Apex Legends’ new collection event ‘Fight Night’ is now live. And just right after every new event-related updates, data miners started to dig through the game files in order to find something interesting.

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During the searching process, the data miners stumbled upon Fuse. From the data mined content, it seems like this character might be another military dude with crazy missiles. However, no character art or posters have been revealed yet.

Fuse’s abilities

Fuse tactical ability
Image via Biast12

According to the leaks, this character’s tactical might be some type of throwable grenade. Apex already has different types of throwables at their disposal. This grenade might have unique properties that could give players more tactical opportunities.

Fuse abilities leaked
Image via Biast12

Another string found in the game files suggests this character’s ultimate ability might be similar to Bangalore or Gibraltar’s ultimate that calls in an airstrike or something similar. The special effects panel also hints at flames. That means this airstrike could have similar properties as a thermite grenade.

Apex Legends Fuse ultimate similar to Bangalore
Image via Respawn

Fuse character spray

Fuse character spray
Image via Biast12

A character related spray for Fuse has also been found the game files.

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As these are all still leaks, take them with a grain of salt. Just because it is found in the game files doesn’t mean it is officially confirmed. On top of that, no character artwork or animation has been revealed as of writing. We will update you with more relevant information regarding the new legend as soon as Respawn officially confirms them.

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