Apex Legends season 8: all the teaser dates leaked

A recent leak revealed all the teaser related dates ahead of the official reveal of season 8 of Apex Legends.

At the end of every season in Apex Legends, Respawn likes to tease players with what they have in store for them in the next season. A good example would be when in season 2 Respawn revealed small clips related to crypto in one of the labs in Kings Canyon.

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This time it seems like they will tease players with audio cues scattered throughout the maps. According to the leaks, there are specific event teasers set for specific dates starting from 12th January.

Apex Season 8 teaser dates
Image via EA

Season 8 event teaser dates

Apex Legends season 8 teaser dates
Image via Biast12

Leak indicates these audio teasers will start popping out on January 12th and will continue till January 22th. Meanwhile, the ship will activate on January 16th and will get disabled within the 21st. And the bomb will follow the exact timeline of the ship by activating on January 16th and ending on January 21st.

The ship mentioned in this teaser dates might be indicating towards the rocket ship that has been in an idle state in the World’s Edge map. Based on these dates, the ship will activate within the 16th. On top of that, there are teaser dates set for a bomb that suggests there might be some sort of explosion in the World’s Edge map.

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However, as these are all leaks, take them with a grain of salt. Since this is not an official announcement from Respawn, things can still change at the last minute. Although judging by past teaser date leaks, there is a good possibility this one might be correct.

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