TSM Signs Mande as an Apex Legends Content Creator

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Mikkel “Mande” Hestbek joins TSM as an Apex Legends content creator. The European pro player finally found a home to pursue his career as a streamer.

Mande made his debut in the Apex Legends competitive scene under North eSports organization in 2019. Later, the pro player joined ScarZ alongside former teammates Taisheen and RPR, and he achieved notable success in the pro scene.

In October 2022, Mande left the ScarZ and became a free agent. Mande later played as a stand-in for Team Alliance and finished fifth in the ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Pro League – EMEA. And just recently, Mande announced that he had joined TSM and would be pursuing his career mainly as a content creator.

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Mande Joins TSM as a Content Creator

The 25-year-old Danish pro player joined TSM as a streamer and content creator. TSM’s Apex Legends channel released a video welcoming Mande into the TSM family. In this video, Mande also cleared up some of the confusion and answered some of the questions that fans may have.

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Although Mande joined TSM as a content creator, we may see him play with TSM as a sub or in absence of any member. “I’m signed to TSM as a content creator. I got the level of a pro player, so, I guess, best of both worlds”, Mande said.

Mande also explained why he did not sign up as a professional player but rather as a content creator. In reply, Mande said, “I decided to pursue content over being a pro. I’ve always liked the idea of not being stuck to one game.” He further added, “I wanna show everyone that I’m not just good at Apex and I can branch out to different games and become more of a variety streamer.”

However, Mande has not entirely written out the possibility of returning to the Apex pro scene. He later stated in the video that if he can find two people with whom he enjoys playing, people will definitely see him compete again.

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