Apex Legends Players are Furious Over the Celestial Sunrise Reactive Peacekeeper Skin Reward, Calling it a “Scam”

Players are not particularly pleased with Respawn’s decision to reward players for purchasing the Collection Event with a simple reactive weapon skin.

Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS battle royale game set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise of video games, Respawn Entertainment opted to use the “freemium” model to monetize this game. As such, players don’t have to purchase the game to enter the lobbies.

Rather, players can purchase cosmetic items such as skins, battle passes, trackers, banners, emotes, and more to customize their play session in Apex Legends. Furthermore, players can also buy loot boxes called Apex packs that provide players with three random items. Other ways to get their favorite in-game cosmetics are via the Legend Tokens and Crafting Metals.

However, the Heirlooms and Prestige skins from the Mythic category are still the most expensive cosmetics. Players can obtain these Mythic rank items by buying every item from the Collection Event for $160 or opening up to 500 Apex packs.

But, Respawn recently released a Reactive Peacekeeper skin as the reward for the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. This Reactive Peacekeeper skin is titled the Jadeite Retribution, which is a recolor version of the Season 3 battle pass Reactive Skin reward.

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10$ Skin is Being Sold for $160

Players’ reactions to the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event were very mixed when Respawn first announced it. Although the new LTM Hardcore Battle Royale has received positive reviews from players, some are less than thrilled by the Reactive Peacekeeper skin’s 160$ price tag.

Before the Collection Event went live, players thought that Respawn might release this Reactive Peacekeeper with a massive discount. However, it just doesn’t seem to be the case. The recolored PK Reactive skin is selling as the Collection Event reward for $160.

On the other hand, the original version of the Reactive Peacekeeper skins costed only $10 for the Season 3 Battle Pass owners (who completed it.) On top of that, players with the Season 3 Battle Passes received two of the versions. As a result, players are now labeling it a “Scam” because of this.

The cosmetic items from these events are intended for collection, despite the fact that some players might argue that you can ignore buying them. As a result, many dedicated Apex Legends fans will pay whatever price is necessary to buy the entire Collection Event. Nevertheless, the payoff seems incredibly undesirable in comparison to the cost.

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