New Apex Legends Players Are Quitting Because “The Skill Floor in This Game is Too High”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Players think Apex Legends is not very friendly towards the new players. As a result, many newcomers tend to quit the game.

It has been more than three years since Apex Legends made a surprise entry into the Battle Royale genre. Throughout its launch, the game has seen steady growth in its player base. Apex Legends currently has more than 130 million players on different platforms.

On top of that, it is gaining more new players each Season. The game managed to break its previous records for most concurrent players on the Steam platform for the last three Seasons. So, it is apparent that Apex Legends is gaining more popularity each day, along with many new players.

However, some recent insights about the new players in Apex Legends have shown us the harsh reality of things. Despite Apex’s overwhelming popularity, it seems like new players in this game are having difficulty keeping up with old players because of the high skill floor.

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The Skill Floor in This Game is Too High

Although the statistics show constant gains in players with every new Season, the reality is different. Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the best Battle Royale games out there, but according to the new players, it is not new players-friendly.

Smurfs, high-ranked players and players with insane movements make it a miserable experience for newcomers trying to learn the game.

A Reddit user named u/0nly4themunny just started playing Apex Legends with their friends for the last couple of months. Through the post, you can clearly see their frustration with the game.

“Between smurfs, getting stacked against predators, and being sniped from across the map, every single person I have tried to introduce to this game has quit within days. It’s just no fun, I spend 10 minutes looting and running around only to get killed in 0.3 seconds by some tap-strafing wraith moving around like a moth having an epileptic fit.”, 0nly4themunny said.

However, the players in the comment section have a slightly different opinion than the post’s author. They believe it is not the game and skill floor responsible for this unfortunate situation but the flawed matchmaking system.

credit: u/2maverick

Complaints concerning Apex Legends’ SBMM are not new. Players now and then share their frustration with the game’s flawed SBMM system, as they keep getting matched against higher-ranked players. Although Respawn has been trying its best to fix the ranked system for the past few Seasons, they hardly address the issues with the SBMM system.

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