Does SBMM Even Work in Apex Legends? Players Want Answers as They Keep Getting Matched Against High Ranked Lobbies

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Although Respawn claims to have a Skill-Based Matchmaking or SBMM system in Apex Legends, the actual scenario is different.

Skill Based Matchmaking or SBMM is a system where similarly skilled players are placed in the same lobbies and against each other in a multiplayer game such as Apex Legends. The primary objective of using an SBMM system is to improve players’ in-game experience as they can play against similarly skilled opponents.

For competitive titles such as Apex Legends, SBMM is a very common method for placing similarly skilled players as opponents. Respawn also claims to have an SBMM system implemented in Apex Legends, where many factors such as a player’s Rank, K/D ratio, and Level are considered while placing them against other opponents.

After evaluating all these factors, players expect to find a match against similarly skilled opponents. However, in reality, the scenario is completely different. Low-ranked players are constantly getting queued against absurdly high-ranked opponents in Apex Legends. So, players are wondering if SBMM works in Apex Legends or if it is just a myth.

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Gold and Platinum VS Apex Predators

Imagine queuing Apex Legends with your Platinum/ Gold ranked friends and having fun. What can go wrong? Right? Suddenly your worst nightmare becomes a reality as three stack predators pop up on your Champion Squad loading screen.

The same thing happened with a Reddit user u/LazyHitman1. The player shared a clip on Apex Legends Subreddit where his Platinum and Gold squad is queued against a three-stack top 20 Predator squad.

In Apex Legends, you can’t even queue with players who are more than one ranked higher or lower than you. So, playing against opponents who are 3/4 Ranked higher than you just doesn’t seem fair.

The sadder part is that this is not a rare occurrence for players who play ranked regularly. It happens almost every day, and the lower-ranked players are mostly affected by this. Some players are also leaving Apex Legends ranked because of this recurrence situation.

Players are getting frustrated and angry because of this uneven matchmaking system in Apex Legends. Although Respawn has been trying its best to fix the ranked system for the past few Seasons, they hardly address the issues with the SBMM system.

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