Wraith is Slowly Climbing Up the Meta as She Becomes the Second Most Picked Legend in Apex Legends

The latest Legends data shows Wraith has the second-highest pick rate in Apex Legends. Is she becoming a meta once again?

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn has introduced a considerable number of characters in the game. Until Season 14, we have seen 22 Legends being released into Apex Legends, all with their own abilities and unique features.

Although every Legend has its fair share of fans, some Legends are more popular than others. Wraith is one such Legend in the game with insane popularity. Since Apex’s release, Wraith has been a preferred character for most players because of her special abilities and badass personality.

However, through a series of patches, Wraith’s abilities were nerfed into the ground, and her pick rate decreased substantially. Wraith, who once was the highest-picked Legend in the game, became just an average character. But, recent data shows a very different scenario.

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Is Wraith Climbing Up the Meta Again?

There’s no denying that Wraith’s popularity has always been high since the beginning, and everyone loves Wraith because she is kind of the face of Apex Legends. But her abilities were not as good as they once were. So, despite having a soft corner for her, players eventually switched to other characters.

Though her abilities are not very favorable in most scenarios, her pick rate in overall matches stays at a staggering 9.4%, falling a little short behind Octane with a 10.1% pick rate. Even in Master/ Predator lobbies, Wraith has a very promising 11.1% pick rate falling behind only Horizon and Pathfinder.

Apex Legends has over 130 million players worldwide. However, this data is based on 14.4 million players from the Apexlegendsstatus database. So, the data might be slightly off from the original. In any case, it is a huge sample size and shows pretty accurate results over different situations, and it seems like Wraith is definitely making a comeback in the current Apex meta.

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