Invisible Wattson Fences Are Causing Players to Lose Matches in Apex Legends

Apparently, a new bug in the game is causing Wattson Fences to become invisible. And players are very annoyed by it.

Apex Legends went through continuous patches and updates to keep the game alive and engaging to the mass player base. The Maps, Legends, Weapons, and other features always go through constant playtests before going live in-game for the players.

Nevertheless, some bugs and glitches always make their way out of the playtests into the game’s final version. Season 14 update introduced the Apex community with tons of unique bugs and glitches. Most of the bugs have been fixed by now, and other bugs are getting fixed by Respawn as we speak.

While some of the bugs and glitches do not hurt anyone and everyone gets a good laugh, there are some cases where exploits ruin the game for many players. This new invisible Wattson Fence bug is one of those rare cases.

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Invisible Wattson Fence

Imagine going through an open door and getting stunned by literally nothing. The new bug from Wattson is causing her to place a fence invisible to the eyes but stuns and damages the enemies.

In this Apex clip, shared by IcySpinach, you can see him going through a door in Market. While entering the door, the player gets hit by an enemy Wattson Fence which is not even there. Immediately after getting hit by the Fence, he got knocked.

He couldn’t believe at first that he got downed by a non-existing Wattson Fence. While he was knocked, he got hit by the invisible Fence two more times, proving that the Fence was actually there somehow.

It is a very rare Wattson bug, not known by many players. However, unlike some other bugs, it is not an exploit and happens accidentally. So, no one is actually to blame. But what causes it?

While some players think the Rampart Wall caused it, others disregarded its validation as they have seen it previously where there was no Rampart Wall present. The reason behind this bug is still unclear, but it sure is an annoying one to encounter.

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