Apex Legends Fan Shares a Legend Idea With an Ability to Carry Three Weapons!

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: u/Fr3dY2

Apex Legends has a diverse fan base with crazy ideas for different aspects of the game. Similarly, a fan shared his idea of a Legend who can carry 3 weapons at a time. Is it OP or not?

Apex Legends is a home ground for more than 130 million players. With every new Season, the player counts for this game keep on rising. The game also has dedicated fan groups on different social medias, where players share their concerns regarding various aspects of the game.

There are also some devoted groups of Apex Legends fans, who create insane fan arts, interesting lores, cosplays, cinematic videos, and more. Sometimes players also share their ideas on different Legends and their potential abilities.

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A Legend With Three Weapon Slots?

While thinking about a Legend with three weapons, you may picture Vantage or Rampart in your mind as are the only Legends in the game with extra weapons other than two ground-picked ones. However, this Legend idea from a Reddit user u/Fr3dY2 is completely different, and it is going to blow your mind.

Fr3dY2 thought of a Legend with a Passive ability to carry three actual weapons from the game, unlike Vantage or Rampart, who can only use their Ultimate Weapons with limited capacity.

He also asked others to share their thoughts on this Legend idea and share whether the Legend seems too OP or not. And unsurprisingly, everyone definitely thought it was OP. However, the response in the comment section takes the cake.

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