Apex Legends Fan Recreates a Perfect Mirage Cosplay and Dazzles Everyone

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Officially Cannon/ EA

An Apex Legends fan who goes by the name of Officially Cannon surprised everyone with his meticulous Mirage cosplay.

Mirage is one of the original eight-man rosters to enter the Apex game. His personality made him one of the most likable characters in the game. And almost everyone inside or outside the game has a soft corner for this Legend.

Mirage is a friendly personality who wants to be the center of attention and loved by everybody. Although Mirage has likely become a “meme” character in the game, people still love and cherish him because of his endless humor.

Unsurprisingly, many fans in the Apex Legends community have cosplayed Mirage because of his flashiness. We have seen many excellent Mirage cosplays made by talented people all around the world. However, this exact cosplay from Officially Cannon holds a position at the top.

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Officially Cannon X Mirage Cosplay

Cannon Ison, AKA Officially Cannon, is a professional dancer and artist who is also a fan of Apex Legends. During Season 13, he did a Mirage cosplay and posted it on Reddit, which made him a sensation in the Apex Legends community.

In the title, he mentions “Mirage here! with a few upgrades,” which is because this Mirage costume is an upgraded version of a previous prototype that he showcased on 2021 Halloween. And it seems like he made quite an upgrade to his outfit.

What makes this cosplay more unique is the meticulous detail of each element. The well-fitted costume with perfect-looking holo emitters and goggles looks impressive. Officially Cannon even took the time to bring Mirage’s Heirloom and a Shield Cell to recover his energy while showing off his charms to everyone.

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