ImperialHal Thinks The Ring Change in Season 14 Was Not Good at All, Says “It Does Not Feel Right for Apex”

With the emergence of a new Season, Hunted, Respawn has made several changes to the game. Among all the changes, the ring adjustment remains the most controversial one.

It is not uncommon for Respawn to make a series of changes to Apex Legends as it is a live service game. In every Season or big update, Respawn changes the Legends, Weapons, Maps, and many other aspects of the game that keep Apex Legends fresh.

This strategy works pretty well for Respawn because Apex Legends has a huge player base, containing more than 130 million players and counting. For the last 3 Seasons, Apex has constantly broken its previous record for most concurrent players in the game.

However, not all the changes are accepted and appreciated by the players. While people adjust to most changes in the game, some aspects need special mentioning because they can change the core gameplay of Apex. Similarly, Season 14 made a drastic Ring adjustment that affected many’s playstyles. But, is it good? Or bad? Let’s see what pro player Imperialhal has to say.

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ImperialHal on Season 14 Gas Changes

The first Ring has significantly changed after the Season 14 update. The preshrink time for Ring 1 has been decreased to 60 seconds, which was previously 180 seconds. The Ring also deals more damage than before.

The Video topic starts at 0:44

During Imperialhal’s live Twitch stream, one of his followers asked him to share his opinion on the Season 14 gas change. In its reply, Hal said, “On the gas change? I don’t think it’s good at all. It doesn’t even feel right.”

After that, he follows this topic by explaining why he doesn’t like it. “I guess it’s because I’m not used to it, cause I’ve played this game for three years, and I never had to run away from Zone one, and to the point where I can’t even craft, like, out of spawn! I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right for Apex.”, Hal added.

Besides ImperialHal, NRG’s pro player Sweetdreams also shared his discontent with the new zone change. To Sweetdreams, the Gas change seems “too extreme even for seasoned pros.” However, many players in the community think it’s a good change, and it should stay the way it is.

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