Apex Legends Community Think it’s High Time Respawn Introduced a New Shotgun

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apart from the Shotgun, every other category has seen one or more weapons added to Apex Legends since Season 1.

Apex Legends currently has 29 weapons available. The game launched with 19 weapons and added 10 more throughout 16 seasons.

Since the game’s launch, Apex Legends has seen a wide variety of weapons added in every category. Respawn even introduced a new Marksman weapon called Bocek that uses a different ammo than other weapons.

The only weapon category that hasn’t seen any new additions to the game in the past four years is shotguns. So, it makes sense that the community wants the developers to shake things up with the addition of a new Shotgun.

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New Shotgun in Apex?

A Reddit user and an Apex fan in the Apex Legends subreddit asked everyone if they also thought a new Shotgun would be fun at some point. The user also shared their opinion regarding the Double Barrel Shotgun, which they think is the only type Apex currently missing in the game.

While most users are thrilled with the idea of a new shotgun, they also believe that, like the Season 1 Mastiff, a Double Barrel Shotgun in Apex Legends would be overpowered.

However, some others believe, with a little tweak, the Double Barrel Shotgun can also be a viable option as a permanent Care Package weapon like Kraber.

On the other hand, Reddit users such as u/Massin and u/DjuriWarface think having more Shotgun is unnecessary.

Without the Hammerpoint, the community views Mozambique as a “meme” weapon. As a result, there are now just three Shotgun alternatives that are practical for players. So, a new sort of Shotgun might provide players with more choices to make that fit their play style.

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