ImperialHal Considers RamBeau’s Return to Apex Legends Comp Scene “Disrespectful” after Using Family Matters as an “Excuse” to Quit

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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ImperialHal shared his opinion regarding RamBeau’s comeback to Apex Legends competitive scene just a few days after his official retirement.

Like every other Esports title, Apex Legends is also infamous for its roster shuffle drama. Moreover, the recent economic situation has created immense pressure for big Esports organizations to lay off staff and players to survive.

Meeting a similar fate, RamBeau and his team of Rkn and Keon also had to leave The Guard in March. However, the team was picked by Sentinels on the same day. Nonetheless, when everything was going well for the team, RamBeau officially announced his retirement following “unfortunate family matters.”

Surprisingly, within 20 days of RamBeau’s retirement, RamBeau announced his comeback in the Apex Legends pro scene as a DarkZero player. RamBeau’s surprising comeback shocked the community, including ImperialHal.

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ImperialHal’s Opinion on RamBeau’s Retirement and Surprise Comeback

Although RamBeau tried to explain his reasoning for returning to Apex Legends competitive scene this soon through a Twitlonger, it failed to satisfy many in the community.

On ImperialHal’s recent stream, one of his viewers asked him what he thought about the Beau situation. In reply, Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen said,

“I feel like it’s pretty f****dup that he retired, and then his excuse is that he can’t pass up such a good opportunity. And it’s like, if he really wanted to retire and be with family, you would have never joined anybody, no matter who it is, what it is.”

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The pro player also later added that RemBeau wouldn’t retire if Sentinels was doing good. “He didn’t retire because he wanted to stop playing. He retired because he couldn’t handle having bad games with Sentinels and personal life.”, ImperialHal said.

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