All the Differences Between the PC vs The Mobile Port of Apex Legends

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Although Apex Legends PC and Mobile versions have some identical components, they also carry some distinct features. This article will discuss all the differences between the PC and mobile ports of Apex Legends.

Note: Apex Legends Mobile shut down on May 31, 2023. Nonetheless, the article may still interest you if you want to find out what the exact differences were when the mobile version was released.

After the massive success of Apex Legends PC, EA and Respawn decided to enter the mobile gaming market with Apex Legends Mobile. After long days of beta testing, the mobile version of Apex Legends finally made its official debut.

Apex Legends Mobile was released on May 17, 2022, with many new features and content. Previously, it seemed like Apex Legends Mobile would follow in the footsteps of the PC version and release the existing content in a different style.

However, Apex Legends Mobile took a different direction with the added spices to the game’s original version. Apex Legends Mobile not only introduced the already good features of the base game, but it also featured some of the most exciting components that were very different from its PC port.

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Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex


Apex Legends PC and Console versions were developed by the creator of the Titanfall franchise, Respawn Entertainment. The PC version was made out of a heavily modified version of the Source Engine that was previously used for Titanfall and evolved further for Titanfall 2 and Apex.

On the other hand, the Mobile Port of Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment in conjunction with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, who are also behind the development of the popular PUBG Mobile game. Apex Legends Mobile used the Unreal Engine 4, unlike its PC and console counterparts.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: Respawn Entertainment and Lightspeed & Quantum

In-Game Currency

The in-game currency in the PC and console ports is pretty straightforward. The PC and Console versions have three types of currencies: Crafting Metals, Legend Tokens, and Apex Coins. Players can get Crafting Metals by completing Battle Passes and opening Apex Packs. And, to get Apex Coins, players mostly need to buy them from the Store tab. Another way to get Apex Coins is to complete the Battle Pass.

Like the PC and console versions, Apex Legends Mobile also had three main in-game currencies. However, they were named differently than the original ones. The currencies were called Flux, Legend Fragments, and Syndicate Coins. The functionality of these currencies was pretty similar to the PC and console ports.

However, except for these three in-game currencies, there were three more in mobile Apex Legends: Seasonal Currency, Club Draw Pull, and Club Currency. Among these, the seasonal currency was unique as it expired at the end of each season.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Exclusive Legends

Currently, the PC and console versions of Apex Legends have over two dozen Legends with their own unique abilities. There were 8 initial Legends at the beginning of Apex Legends, and Respawn released a new one every season.

However, with the launch of Apex Mobile, it had 10 Legends. Instead of releasing Crypto as their following Legend, an exclusive Legend called Fade was introduced in Apex Legends Mobile. Although some of the PC and console versions of the Legends were eventually released to the mobile port, the unique Legends released in Apex Legends Mobile remained exclusive to the handheld platform.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Exclusive Skins

Apex Legends was released in early 2019, and since then, Respawn released a ton of skins for each Legend. So, many skins on the PC and console versions were not available in the mobile port.

In contrast, the mobile version of Apex Legends had some exclusive skins released throughout Apex Mobile’s lifespan. Skins like Golden Geometry, Controlled Burn, and more were exclusive to the mobile version only.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Battle Pass

Apex Legends has been launching brand new Battle Passes starting from Season 1 in its PC and console versions. Each Battle pass includes 1 to 110 Levels, lasting for three months or 90 days. The Battle Pass in the PC and console versions cost 950 Apex Coins.

Contrarily, Apex Legends Mobile launched its first Battle Pass called Prime Time in Season 1. The Battle Pass for the Mobile Port consisted of 1 to 50 Levels, lasting for about 30 days or 1 month.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Firing Range

The Firing Range was introduced to Apex Legends PC and console port in late 2019. So, players could practice their aim against the dummies and targets in the Firing Range. The Guns and Equipment were nicely staged on the platforms, but that’s about it. There are ways to activate a third-person mode and AI dummies in The Firing Range, but it is inconvenient.

On the other hand, the Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile had so many features that made the PC and console versions look underwhelming. It had a Target Practice in Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. Not only that, but you could also customize Dummies’ Movement Speed, Health, Body Shield, and Movement Method. There was also a Special Training mode, where you could practice your aim and movement even more.

Note: Respawn eventually upgraded Apex Legends PC’s Firing Range in Season 17 and added many useful features.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Game Modes

Apex Legends PC and console versions have the original Duos and Trios Battle Royale Mode and Arenas. However, Respawn also releases Limited Time Modes such as Control and Shadow Royale in special events.

Apex Legends Mobile had the original Battle Royal Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Arenas, and Limited Time Mode. Also, all the modes were available in both First Person and Third Person modes.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA

Weapon Stats

Apex Legends PC and console versions have a Loadout section. However, players can only equip their skins and charms from the Loadout section.

But, in the Apex Legends Mobile port, players could go to their Loadout section and look through the Detailed Stats, Trajectory Effect, Damage Distribution, and Firing Mode just by pressing the Details button on a specific weapon. Players also had the option to compare a particular gun with other weapons in the game by pressing the compare button.

Differences Between PC and Mobile Versions of Apex
Credit: EA


Another exciting feature that the PC and console versions of Apex Legends differed from their mobile port was the perks option. Apex Legends Mobile had some unique Perks that gave the Legends three extra abilities besides their Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate.

Each Legend had three Basic Perks, Three Finisher Perks, and three Ability Perks in Apex Legends Mobile. However, the Perks only worked in the regular Battle Royale Mode and not the Ranked Mode. In any case, it was still an interesting feature that the PC and Console version lacked.

Apex Legends PC or Mobile, Which was Better?

Apex Legends PC version has gradually become one of the best games in the Battle Royale genre. In a short time, it has achieved significant success and captured a massive player base compared to other Battle Royale games in the market.

Following the success of the PC and console versions of Apex Legends, EA and Respawn decided to enter the mobile gaming market with their Mobile port of this trendy game. Apex Legends Mobile had a lot more interesting features than its PC and Console counterparts, making it a better alternative for its PC and console version.

However, it also lacked in some other departments, such as limited graphics, mobility, and optimization of the PC version.

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