Tencent to Release a Clone Version of Apex Legends Mobile in the Chinese Market

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By Nazmul Hassan
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The Chinese game developer Tencent is making a clone version of Apex Legends Mobile, rebranded as High Energy Heroes, to be released specifically in China.

Although the launch of Apex Legends Mobile was a huge success, the follow-up wasn’t as good as the developers hoped. As a result, Respawn had to shut down Apex Legends Mobile on May 31, 2023, only a year after the official release. For Respawn, it was a “painful decision” to pull the plug on Apex Legends Mobile.

Despite growing in popularity, the game couldn’t survive for long, and millions of players were devastated by the game’s sudden closure. Consequently, the fans were understandably very unhappy over EA’s choice to end all support for the game.

However, a new clone of Apex Mobile unexpectedly appeared, offering some hope for devoted Apex Legends Mobile players. According to reports, the Apex Mobile 2.0 will be called “High Energy Heroes” and will be published by Tencent, a well-known name in the mobile gaming industry.

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Apex Legends Mobile 2.0, AKA High Energy Heroes

This new Battle Royale mobile game trailer came out of nowhere and took the Apex community by surprise. The game is titled “High Energy Heroes” and looks just like Apex Legends Mobile.

The anticipated clone, High Energy Heroes doesn’t only look like Apex Legends Mobile, but it is also developed by the same “Lightspeed Studios.” However, High Energy Heroes is not associated with EA or Respawn. Instead, Tencent will be the publisher of this game.

Despite being a different game, the map, weapons, and features of High Energy Heroes are quite identical to the Apex Legends Mobile. Based on the game’s name, it is pretty obvious that the characters will be called Heroes instead of Legends.

The trailer has already revealed some of the Heroes in the game. The Heroes feature a very cartoonish look but with similar features and abilities to the characters from Apex Legends. However, the characters are designed to cater the Chinese market only. So the original ethnic diversity of the original Apex is not present in High Energy Heroes.

Apart from the different character design, the High Energy Heroes will also introduce some unique features like Quad mode instead of the traditional Trios. Based on the trailer, it looks like the characters’ abilities are also somewhat improvised and not exactly the same as original Apex.

Tencent is a very well-known publisher of mobile games that also made popular games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and more. So their expertise in optimizing the games will likely exceed Apex Mobile’s optimization, which had been an issue in the past.

As of now, High Energy Heroes does not have a specific launch date apart from the fact known that it will be released only in China. However, there’s a possibility that the game may be released globally in the future.

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