League of Legends All April Fools 2023 Changes

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed all the changes coming to this April Fools 2023 update to League of Legends.

Riot Games annually releases content in League of Legends based on yearly occasions. These events include Lunar New YearChristmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. We also get events based on less prevalent occasions as well. And one instance is April Fools Day.

Riot has released many well-appreciated contents for April Fool’s day. One of League of Legends’ most popular limited-time game modes, URF was made as an April Fools-only game mode. This game mode was so beloved that Riot made many variants of this game mode over the years. Besides unique modes, Riot also released various jokes skins for this event, like Urfwick, Definitely Not Udyr, Birdio, Pretty Kitty Rengar, etc.

Though Riot skipped out on this event in 2022, Riot unveiled recently that in 2023, April Fools Day would be significant. They showcased the newest iteration of the Cats vs. Dogs skin line for April Fool’s skins, featuring Nidalee, Yuumi, Kled & Kindred skins.

Moreover, they also teased new map changes coming to Summoner’s Rift during this day. And now we know what exactly we are getting ourselves into.

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League of Legends: April Fools Changes

Do note all the changes will only be available in Normal Mode. However, Riot has confirmed that these changes will apply to both Blind Pick and Draft Pick in their patch notes. So now the Draft Pick-only players will be able to enjoy these changes.

The first significant change will be Poros. There will be Poros everywhere in the rift. Though it doesn’t seem they will disrupt the gameplay in any way, it will be similar to how they act in Howling Abyss.

Secondly, there will be hats now. Each time a player kills an enemy, they will drop a bunch of hats. Players can walk over them to can wear them. The hats are stackable, and they drop once the player dies.

The last mysterious change Riot is implementing is adding Shen’s Spirit Blade to the scuttle crabs. Though Riot still didn’t explain this change, we will soon know as this update is on the horizon.

Release Date

These April Fools map changes will hit live servers on April 1st. Moreover, this update will continue till April 3rd, so players will have three whole days to try out the new update.

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