LoL La Ilusión 2023 Capsule: All Showcase Event Milestone Rewards

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With the new La Ilusión skins coming, a new Showcase Event Milestone is on the horizon.

Patch 13.19 is set to introduce a lot of interesting things into League of Legends. We will be getting our usual buffs and nerfs, with the Rek’Sai changes being the most significant of the patch.

Alongside that, we will be getting the new La Ilusión skins as well as the Ranked Queue Penalty system. As it is also the Worlds patch, this will be the most stable point of the game until we see the biggest LoLEsports tournament of the year.

We already knew of Renata Glasc being part of the list of champions receiving Prestige skins. So in comes La Ilusión Renata Glasc. In light of that, Riot is doing a Showcase Event with milestones to get enough Mythic Essence and such to earn this brand-new skin. Here is all we know so far.

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La Ilusión 2023 Capsule Showcase Milestone Rewards

Based on what JulexGameplays has revealed, the La Ilusión Showcase Event will have seven milestones. The table below shows all the rewards that we can gain from the track.

Immortal Journey Capsules MilestoneRewards
1 La Ilusión 2023 CapsuleLa Ilusión 2023 Icon
3 La Ilusión 2023 CapsulesSpecial Emote, Random Skin Shard, 5 Mythic Essence
5 La Ilusión 2023 CapsulesLa Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin, Random Skin Shard, 15 Mythic Essence
10 La Ilusión 2023 CapsulesLa Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin, Random Skin Shard, 20 Mythic Essence
15 La Ilusión 2023 CapsulesLa Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin, Random Skin Shard, 25 Mythic Essence
20 La Ilusión 2023 CapsulesLa Ilusión 2023 Grab Bag, La Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin, 30 Mythic Essence
25 La Ilusión 2023 Capsules2 x La Ilusión 2023 Grab Bag, 30 Mythic Essence

Like the Immortal Journey Showcase Event, this one will be similar. The La Ilusión event will feature similar rewards with their own different sets of stuff on it. Hence, let’s first start with the basic reward of what we can get from the Capsules.

La Ilusión 2023 Capsule

Each La Ilusión Capsule will be giving three random skin shards with a small chance of getting the Grab Bag. Opening up to 25 Capsules nets you all the rewards listed in the above table.

La Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin

The La Ilusión 2023 Permanent Skin will give an unowned La Ilusión skin. As they are all new skins, this is quite an interesting offering, as you are 4 out of the six new skins. All that needs to be done is to just buy Capsules and open them for the Milestones.

La Ilusión 2023 Grab Bags

The La Ilusión Grab Bags will be giving rewards similar to the Immortal Journeys event. It will give you 1 skin shard worth 1350 RP or less and 2 Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more. Also, there is a bonus chance of getting two more Skin Shards worth 975 RP or more.

When Will The La Ilusión Showcase Event Start?

The La Ilusión Showcase Event is set to start on September 27, 2023, according to JulexGameplays.

The event is expected to last until October 18, 2023. This leaves us with about a 3-week window for players to use their Capsules and get enough Mythic Essence for the Renata Glasc Prestige skin. Also, there is a good chance we will be getting the Worlds 2023 Event after this ends.

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