Huge Rek’Sai Nerfs in Patch 13.19

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Rek’Sai is getting nerfed yet again in Patch 13.19.

Reksai has been one of the most problematic champions in the game for the last couple of months. Since her mini rework in Patch 13.11, she has been terrorizing Solo-Queue.

In Patch 13.11, Riot buffed her Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai, healing significantly. They also decreased her Q – Queen’s Wrath’s cooldown by a flat 2 seconds, from 4 seconds at all ranks to 2 at max rank. There were some quality-of-life buffs to Tremor Sense as well.

These buffs made her already fantastic early game even better and gave her some late-game scaling as well. Resulting in Rek’Sai becoming one of the strongest champions in the game at the time.

That said, Riot did try multiple times to keep her in a balanced state by nerfing Rek’Sai numerous times. Even after the nerfs, she remains at the top of the Jungle meta with over 53% win rate and a 13% ban rate.

Thus, Riot revealed that they are nerfing her once again in Patch 13.19.

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Rek’Sai Nerfs

Here are the Rek’Sai nerfs coming in Patch 13.19,

  • Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai:
    • Healing While Burrowed: 15 – 125 (based on level) (+ 2 – 12% (based on level) Maximum Health) >>> 10 (+ 2 – 10% (based on level) Maximum Health).
  • Q – Queen’s Wrath:
    • Damage: 34/38/42/46/50% Total AD >>> 30/35/40/45/50% Total AD.
  • W – Burrow/Unburrow:
    • Burrow:
      • Movement Speed: 350/355/360/365 (1/6/11/16) >>> 340/345/359 (1/6/11).
    • Unburrow:
      • Damage: 50/65/80/95/110 (+ 80% bonus AD) >>> 50/85/120/155/190 (+ 80% bonus AD).

Riot seems to be pulling out all the stops regarding the Rek’Sai nerfs. Almost all her abilities are getting nerfed one way or another.

First, her Passive – Fury of the Xer’Sai is getting its healing nerfed in the late game. Her Q-Queen’s Wrath scaling is also taking a hit. Her W-Burrow is getting its Movement Speed reduced. Finally, her W-Unburrow is getting its damage decreased by a flat 80 damage.

These are some massive nerfs to Rek’Sai’s early/late game and should hopefully keep her in a balanced state.

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