Riot Adds New Ranked Queue Penalties on LoL Patch 13.19

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Ranked Penalties are finally coming to League of Legends in Patch 13.19.

Riot has been doing a fair bit of things to improve the environment of games in League of Legends. Firstly, they started targeting toxicity by adding an automatic mute system. Also, they added a Bystander Feedback System to encourage other players to see when reports are dealing out punishments.

After that, there has been a slew of stuff that has happened, like Surrender changes, ban waves, etc. So, while a lot of the current systems have made some impact, it is still not enough. So Riot proposed the Ranked Penalties. It is a system that has been talked about, with some players being intrigued by the idea.

Thus, Riot has unveiled the system, as we will be getting it in Patch 13.19. Let’s dive right into it.

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The Ranked Queue Penalties System

As we wrote about this topic previously, the Ranked Queue Penalties system will be applicable for most offensive actions. Riot clarified that the actions that will cause the system to act are Leaving, AFK, Gameplay, and Chat Penalties.

Once a player’s account hits a Ranked Queue Penalty, that player will have to play some remedial games in the non-ranked queues with good behavior. The good behavior bit is the operative word as it implies that players will have to improve their behavior to get back into Ranked.

The queues available for players to have remedial games are Blind Pick, Draft Pick, ARAM, and the RGM queue (Arena, Nexus Blitz, etc). The entire details are not fully published yet, but we should know more when the full Patch 13.19 notes come out.

Players Showing Concern

Many players are already showing concern over the system being implemented. While a lot of the reactions seem over the top, there are some reasonable takes out there. For example, what happens when the player keeps switching accounts to play Ranked. There are several other reasons for this, like trolling in casual game modes and such.

The skepticism is expected as a good portion of the player base will feel like Riot is putting these people into the more casual aspects of the game. However, Riot has previously mentioned that they do not want to create a different queue for toxic players and such.

The remedial system is something Riot has opted into for a long time. So, we will have to see how this works out. Players are right to be skeptic, but the changes look like they are well outlined to try and fix the toxic issue League of Legends has.

We will have to see the full system details and then see if it works and whether Riot has to add to this system.

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