LoL Surrender Rework Patch 13.16: New Changes Explained

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Riot just revealed some new surrender changes coming in Patch 13.16.

League of Legends is a pretty fun game. It has fantastic gameplay mechanics, a rewarding gameplay cycle, and over 160 champions to choose from. So it’s no surprise that League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the world.

That said, fun as it may be, the game has some issues. And one of the game’s biggest issues is player frustration. Frustration in the game may stem from many things, such as imbalance, toxicity, etc. But the number one cause of frustration is to continue playing in an unwinnable situation. That is why Riot introduced the Surrender System.

Surrender is a method that allows participants to vote on whether or not to forfeit a game. At certain times, a player can call a surrender vote, and if the majority or all players agree, the team may forfeit the game.

But, since its introduction, the surrender vote system has been one of the most frustrating features in the game. It was designed as a quick method to escape one-sided games and alleviate player frustration. Still, due to certain significant flaws in its implementation, it has become a cause of frustration among players.

That said, Riot did implement many improvements, such as Remake, Early Surrender, etc, over the years. They also implemented a 4/5 early surrender option earlier this year.

In addition to these changes, Riot recently announced that they are planning to rework the surrender system in Patch 13.16.

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LoL Surrender Rework

  • The name of the player that started a surrender vote is no longer revealed.
  • The player who initiates a surrender vote can no longer initiate another vote for the next 6 minutes. (It should be noted that the team cooldown for calling a surrender vote remains at 3 minutes and takes priority over individual cooldowns.)
  • When a vote can no longer pass, the surrender vote will immediately resolve and will no longer remain open, waiting for players to vote.
  • The surrender box text has been updated to reflect the type of surrender vote being called: Surrender, AFK Surrender, or Remake.

The first change on the list is geared toward player anonymity. After Patch 13.16, the name of the player who started the surrender vote will no longer be visible. Out of all the changes, it is the least impactful.

Also, the surrender vote will now show what kind of surrender vote is being called. In addition, the surrender vote box will no longer linger if surrender can not be passed.

But the most important out of all these changes is the fact that the player who initiated the surrender vote will no longer be able to call for surrender within 6 minutes. This change should help significantly with the annoying players who constantly spam the surrender vote.

Release Date

The Surrender changes will arrive at the live servers in Patch 13.16, released on Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023.

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