Riot Introduces Bystander Feedback Reports in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A Bystander Feedback System has been launched in League of Legends.

Riot has come into the fold of trying to combat toxicity and such in League of Legends. They have made every effort to make life better in the game for players. Since the past year or so, Riot has improved or introduced new systems to combat such behavior.

An Auto-Mute system was implemented to stop toxicity from certain players in games. This keeps the chat normal to stop a chat battle from occurring during games. A party chat was also introduced to have a different chat tab for premade teams and players to keep their conversations private.

Next, there have been improvements to the LeaverBuster punishment system and other system changes. Ranked system was improved and players now receive more rewards for climbing. Also, the AFK system was improved to combat people going away during games.

With all that improvements, there are still many problems with League of Legends in terms of players. Riot continues to check systems as there are more updates coming in Patch 13.6. A new bystander system is being implemented for players. Here is what we know so far.

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Bystander Feedback System

How this Bystander Feedback System works is that it will give a notification to players if someone has been punished by Riot even if they did not report said person. This will show players if Riot is actually combatting toxicity and bad behavior in games. Also, this will indicate to the players what kind of offenses are punished by Riot.

With reports being rolled out, Riot hopes this will incentivize players to report bad actors in games. Providing clarity on how the system works should have a positive effect on the playerbase. Hopefully, this will work as Riot intends.

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