How Newly Introduced ‘Party Chat’ Works In League of Legends

Riot has added a new party chat system in League of Legends in the newest patch, 13.4.

League of Legends is a team-based game. Because of this, it is best to be played with a team who knows how to coordinate. And the best way to play with a coordinated team is to play with a party.

A party can play Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends in three different ways. These are normal, flex, and duo queues, although the duo queue is less popular.

But there is a party voice chat and a text chat in the lobby regarding communication. But there is only voice chat when it comes to in-match communication. Although the party can use team chat, sometimes players might feel uncomfortable using it.

Moreover, there could even be people without a mic. In that case, the players could still use the whisper system. But it is very inconvenient. And when the player is three-stacking, it is impossible to communicate the same message to two different people simultaneously.

Because of this, Riot is adding Party Chat in the newest patch, 13.4.

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League of Legends: Party Chat

party chat
Image Credits: Riot Games

Starting from patch 13.4, players can use the all-new party chat.

After being part of a party, players can press the Tab button after opening their chat menu. Afterward, their chat should hover over to party chat. Players can also type /party, /pt, or /p at the beginning of their message to send to the party chat.

The incoming party chat messages will be indicated with a [Party] tag at the beginning of the message. It is a great quality-of-life update, as players can communicate easily now. It also aligns with Riot’s promise to make communication more intuitive starting from season 13.

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