Broken Covenant Miss Fortune Skin: Prestige Edition, Splash Art, Price & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed the upcoming skin that will also receive a prestige edition, Broken Covenant Miss Fortune.

This year we have received many new and unique skin lines in League of Legends. In the first patch of season 13, we received the Mythmaker and Lunar Emperor skin line. After that, we received the Heartache and Hearttrhob skin line for Valentine’s, a completely unique skin line that featured Caitlyn, Vi, and Amumu skins.

And for patch 13.4, Riot announced the latest iteration of the Astronaut skin line. This skin line featured skins for underrated and underplayed champions. While players were waiting for the announcement of the next skin line, Riot just unveiled the upcoming one.

For patch 13.5, Riot has revealed a new skin line, Broken Covenant, inspired by the medieval gothic church. That is why people are calling this skin line the Elden Ring and, even more accurately, the Bloodborne skin line. For reference, if the fan-favorite Ashen Knight and the Arcana skin line fused, it would most likely create the Broken Covenant skins.

The Broken Covenant skin line features eight unique skins. And one of the upcoming skins featuring a prestige edition is Broken Covenant Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune is one of the most popular marksman champions in the game. One of the core reasons is that she is one of the first champions a player unlocks right after finishing the tutorial. But also because of her simple yet unique kit, newer players also main her.

Because of Miss Fortune’s popularity, she has over 17 different skins. Moreover, she also has an ultimate skin, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. She also has both a legendary and a prestige edition skin as well.

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Splash Art

Broken Covenant Miss Fortune

broken covenant miss fortune
Image Credits: Riot Games

Broken Covenant Miss Fortune: Prestige Edition

broken covenant prestige
Image Credits: Riot Games


Broken Covenant Miss Fortune Price

Broken Covenant Miss Fortune will be an epic skin, costing 1350RP.

Prestige Broken Covenant Miss Fortune Price

The prestige version of the skin will be a Showcase Event, costing 125ME.

Release Date

The Broken Covenant skins will hit live servers on patch 13.5, scheduled to release on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

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