Riot Clarifies New AFK Detection System Triggering Quicker Than Expected Issue

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

After players’ concerns over the new AFK detection system triggered quicker than expected, a Riot developer responds and gives reasoning.

No matter what multiplayer games you play, disruptive behaviors will consistently ruin your experience. These disruptive behaviors include trolls, toxicity, AFK teammates, etc. Even League of Legends isn’t safe from these types of players.

The most common of these disruptive behaviors are AFK teammates. Even in League of Legends, they are widespread, especially in normal SR matches.

AFK players can ruin the experience in countless ways. First of all, if a player goes AFK during the middle of a team fight, the AFK player’s team will be at a considerable disadvantage, as they have to fight with one less teammate. Moreover, if a player goes AFK in the early game, he will fall short of gold and XP.

Because of this, Riot has implemented an AFK measuring system where it detects AFK players and sends a warning to the AFK player. If the player is AFK for a prolonged period, he will receive a temporary suspension. If this activity continues, the AFK player’s suspension will also increase.

But recently, a player shared their concerns on Reddit. And after a while, a Riot developer responds and clarifies their reasoning on that post.

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Riot Responses To The AFK System

So a Teemo player wrote on Reddit that, at the start of the match, when he was waiting for the minions to arrive, he received a popup for AFK warning. As it is easily re-creatable, he incentivized other players to try this out.

In that post, another player suggested that the warning should appear after a brief period so that it doesn’t cause any confusion.

And to clarify, on that thread, Riot Auberaun responded that the popup appears 60 seconds after the last input. Moreover, he added that 90 seconds of no input from the start would trigger a remake option. He also mentioned that they could potentially “move back” the popup in the near future.

As most of the community agrees that this warning is excessive, we might see Riot move back to the starting popup further.

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