Kassadin, Ryze and Maokai Receive Massive Nerfs on Patch 13.2

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Riot confirms some much-needed nerfs for Yuumi, Kassadin, Maokai, Gangplank, and others in the upcoming patch.

The Preseason 2023 has been kind of underwhelming, especially compared to the previous seasons. It had some good changes, such as the Jungle changes, New Tank Mythics, and minor buffs here and there, but the changes ultimately were quality-of-life changes and didn’t offer much to shake up the meta.

So, after a lackluster preseason, disappointing cinematic, and fan backlash, it appears Riot is stepping up their game with Patch 13.2. Riot intends to introduce some major changes in the patch to shake up the meta.

These major changes include a complete overhaul of the Fighter items, ADC item adjustments, adjustments to Grevious Wounds, buffs, and nerfs to some overpowered champions. Here we will go over some of the changes coming in this patch, specifically the Patch 13.2 Nerfs.

Riot Phroxzon recently announced the Patch 13.2 changes on his Twitter page.

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Patch 13.2 Nerfs

Here are all the nerfs planned for Patch 13.2,


Kassadin has always been a strong champion against team compositions with high AP damage. But, currently, it doesn’t matter if the opposing team has AP or not; you can pick him into any comp.

He is currently terrorizing bot Solo-Queue with a 53% win rate and a whopping 44% ban rate, which is very high for a niche champion like Kassadin. Apart from that, he is also very successful in Professional Play. So, it’s no wonder why Riot is nerfing him.


It appears Yuumi will be receiving another batch of nerfs on Patch 13.2. In the last patch, Riot nerfed her Q – Prowling Projectile max build, but her support build wasn’t touched at all. So this patch, Riot will likely be taking a look at her healing.


Maokai right now is the best Jungle champion in the meta. He stands atop all the Jungle champions with a whopping 55% win rate and a 25% ban rate. On top of that, he has a solid 13% pick rate.

Apart from that, his high damage, in conjunction with solid zone control, makes him a nightmare to deal with. So, it’s no wonder Riot is nerfing him.


Gangplank is currently in a decent spot in the meta; he is not too strong nor too weak. But, with the new Critical Strike Item changes coming to this patch, Riot suspects that Gangplank will become too strong. So, they are preemptively nerfing him.


Just a few patches ago, Ryze was considered one of the, if not the weakest, champions in the game. But, with the introduction of the new Rod of Ages and Seraphs Embrace rework, Ryze became one of the strongest champions in the game, along with Kassadin. Like Kassadi, Riot is nerfing Ryze too.


Lucian is not exactly the best champion in Solo-Queue. But in Professional Play, he is a different beast. Lucian/Nami lane is currently one of the best bot lane duos in competitive play and has remained a must-pick or ban for the past few months. So, it’s no surprise he is getting nerfed.


Heimerdinger support is likely one of the most obnoxious champions anyone has ever faced. The champion has high base damage and pushing power and doesn’t require much gold to function. Apart from that, he has been terrorizing Solo-Queue and Professional Play for months. So, it’s about time he gets nerfed.

Udyr (R-Max)

Udyr is currently a very strong champion. He is currently sitting at a 54% pick rate and a solid 23% ban rate, with a decent play rate of 6%.

Although Riot previously nerfed his Q – Wilding Claw build, his R – Wingborne Storm has not been touched. Moreover, Riot buffed the build in Patch 12.23 and 12.19.

So this time, Riot is targeting his R max build.


The Kindred Nerfs are very similar to the Gangplank nerfs. They are nerfing her preemptively because of the Critical Item Changes.


Nami is getting nerfed for the same reason as Lucian, for their oppressive laning phase combo.

Release Date

The aforementioned nerf will be included in Patch 13.2, which will be released on  Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023.

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