Riot Explains Why They Made Jungle Pets

Why were Jungle pets introduced? Let’s find out.

For the Preseason 2023, Riot introduced many gameplay changes. The changes include the return of the Chemtech Drake, the introduction of new mythic itemsnew ping & ward system changes, and most importantly, the Jungle rework.

With the Jungle Rework came the new Jungle Pets. These pets are essentially AI-controlled minions who are designed to assist players in the Jungle.

As most League of Legends players would agree, Jungle is the most important role in the game. A good Jungler can dictate the game’s pace and sometimes solo carry a game. That being said, it’s also a fairly unique role in that, unlike the other roles, Junglers do not lane. Instead, the Jungle Role focuses on roaming, capturing objectives, and assisting teammates.

Having said that, the role is highly difficult for new players because it demands a lot of game knowledge, map awareness, and communication skills. Even experienced players who primarily play other positions will find it difficult to adjust to this role.

So, to make the Jungle experience smoother and to make it more accessible to newer players, Riot introduced the new Jungle Pets along with optimal Jungle routes and objective voting. These were undoubtedly positive changes, but many players felt that Riot had removed much of the skill expression from the Jungle and dumbed it down.

So, earlier today, League developer Riot Phroxzon came to Twitter to explain why Riot added Jungle pets to the game.

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Why Jungle Pets were implemented

The older jungle mechanics were very complicated and hard to understand. Newer junglers playing the game didn’t understand most of the wall-of-text mechanics on the older Jungle items. The main goal of the current items, AKA Pets, was to make the Jungle accessible to newer and existing players. These are also meant to provide players with additional help and support in the Jungle.

“Pet gives an understandable metaphor for why camps are getting damaged, why you get healed, why Jungle gets bonuses from clearing camps, and an understandable metaphor for why the unlocks happen when they do (evolution), catchup mechanics (pet is starving) rather than some arbitrary rules. ” RiotPhroxzon explained in a Twitter post. “For newer players, this is far easier to understand.”

The pets also come in a variety of colors, offering gamers a visual depiction of what they’re selecting. The Red signifies damage, green durability, and blue utility. Newer players can now understand it just by looking at the pet. Now they don’t have to go through a wall of text to understand what is happening.

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