How Does the New Ward Timer Tracking Work in Preseason 2023?

Riot unveiled that they will add new Enemy Ward Timers in preseason 2023.

With season 12 ending in less than two months, Riot Games has officially announced most of the changes for Preseason 2023.

In their latest post, Riot Games revealed the patch notes for Preseason 2023. And according to the post, the preseason will include many new changes. This year’s preseason changes will consist of massive Jungle changes, the return of Chemtech Drake, new communication options, Top Lane changes, new Items, and Vision System Updates.

And here, we will take a look at the Vision System Updates.

Vision is a fundamental part of League of Legends. And having a good vision is very important as having proper vision control can single-handedly win you the game. Unfortunately, League’s current vision system is somewhat outdated and lacks clarity. So this preseason, as a quality of life change, Riot plans to polish the vision system.

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Vision System Updates

Riot has divided the new vision system updates into two parts, Allied Ward Tracking, and Enemy Ward Timers. So let’s talk about what we know about the changes so far.

Allied Ward Tracking

Keeping track of how many wards your allies placed is very hard, and there isn’t any way to check it quickly. The current way of checking it is either asking your teammate or manually going through all the wards on the map, which is not very efficient for a fast-paced game like League.

So, Riot is introducing new ward visuals on the minimap, indicating when wards are close to expiring. Furthermore, the indicators will change appearance when wards reach 60 and 30 seconds before expiration.

This welcome change will help players in their vision game, especially new players.

Enemy Ward Timers

Tracking enemy ward timers is essential, especially for Junglers and Supports. However, with the current system, tracking every ward placed on the map can be challenging and even harder to successfully communicate that information to your teammates.

Currently, each stealth ward on the map can stay up for 90-120 seconds, depending on the level. And these are very hard to keep track of, especially when they will expire. So Riot is introducing a new system called the Enemy Ward Timers. With new enemy ward timers, players can ping an enemy ward, and it will show exactly when the ward will expire.

This is a massive change as it will exactly tell your teammates when a lane is gankable. And having this timer will also help with objective vision control.

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