Rod of Ages Returns as New Mythic Item: Passive, Stats, and More

Riot is bringing back Rod of Ages with the new 2023 Preseason changes.

With season 12 ending in less than two months, Riot Games has officially announced most of the changes for Preseason 2023.

In their latest post, Riot Games revealed the patch notes for Preseason 2023. And according to the post, the preseason will include many new changes. This year’s preseason changes will consist of massive Jungle changes, the return of Chemtech Drake, new communication options, vision improvements, Top Lane changes, and, most interestingly, more Items.

Riot has announced that they will be adding and updating 12 different items this preseason. These Items include the new mythic items called, Icathia’s Endurance, Radiant Virtue, and Goliath’s Ascendiary. Along with new items, Riot is also bringing back some old items, Such as the Rod of Ages and Iceborn Gauntlet.

Today we will look at the returning item, The Rod of Ages.

Rod of Ages

Rod of Ages (Mythic Item)

  • 60 Ability Power
  • 300 Health
  • 300 Mana
    • This item gains 20 health, 20 mana, and four ability power every minute, up to 10 times, for a maximum of 200 health, 200 mana, and 40 ability power. Upon reaching max stacks, gain a level (Note: The level cap will remain at 18).
    • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5 Ability Haste

The Rod of Ages will return to League and be the newest addition to the AP Mythic items. Like the previous iteration of the Rod of Ages, this iteration will also be a scaling item. The item will be quite weak early and will scale up to become one of the best mythic items in the game. Its mythic passive will also help with the scaling aspect of the item.

The bonus health, mana, ability power, and ability haste will make it an excellent item, especially for champions like Ryze, Anivia, Cho’gath, etc.

Release Date

According to Riot Games, the changes will be coming to the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

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