Grievous Wounds Items Getting Buffed In Patch 13.2

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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All the Grievous Wounds Related Items are getting updated as that is one of the plans for the upcoming Patch 13.2

League of Legends has begun another season as Patch 13.1 kicked it all off. With a new Ranked system in place, this season could be something unique, unlike the past years. The new patch brought in a bunch of changes, like Buffs and Nerfs for different champions.

Moving forward, Riot Phroxzon talked early about what the changes coming are for Patch 13.2 potentially. No specifics were given initially as they did not want to say anything concrete. However, as the PBE update landed, we got a glimpse of what the changes could be.

There are many changes on the horizon as the Fighter Item Changes are also on PBE. Along with that, the Grievous Wounds Item Changes are finally coming, as that has been on Riot’s list. Now, we know what they will be. Hence, let’s talk about all the changes coming to the Grievous Wounds Items.

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Grievous Wounds Item Changes

As mentioned, multiple Grievous Wounds Items are changing in a multitude of ways. Hence, let’s talk about all the changes for the individual items.

Epic Items

As the backbone of most Legendary and Mythic items, we start with the Epics. They are getting the basic change that will carry over to the big guns.

Bramble Vest

As the crucial component of Thornmail, Bramble Vest is getting an increase in its return damage and the Grievous Wounds applied in turn.

  • Unique – Thorns:
    • Magic Damage: 4 >>> 6.
    • Grievous Wounds Upon Hit: 25% >>> 40%.

Executioner’s Calling

The AD item component in Executioner’s Calling is getting its Grievous Wounds applied increased at the cost of damage reduction.

  • Attack Damage: 20 AD >>> 15 AD.
  • Unique – Rend:
    • Grievous Wounds Applied: 25% >>> 40%.

Oblivion Orb:

The AP version of the Grievous Wounds component is getting the same treatment as Executioner’s Calling. AP is being reduced by Grievous Wounds applied is bumped up.

  • Ability Power: 35 AP >>> 25 AP.
  • Unique – Cursed:
    • Grievous Wounds Applied: 25% >>> 40%.

Legendary Items

Moving onto Legendary items, all of them are getting the tune-up. Hopefully, this will fix the issues plaguing the overpowered healing and sustain in the game.

Chempunk Chainsword

As a situational item for Bruisers, things were fine for the item. However, since every other Grievous Wounds related item is getting buffed, Chempunk Chainsword is getting a little bump up. No longer is it situational in terms of applying Grievous Wounds.

  • Unique – Hackthorn:
    • Always Applies 40% Grievous Wounds Now, Regardless of Target HP.

Chemtech Putrifier

As the sole anti-healing item for Supports, Chemtech Putrifier never quite got the popularity. It had its occasional uses depending on the state of the games. However, the changes coming to the item leave people’s head-scratching as enchanters have to apply the Grievous Wounds themselves now with this item. It’s pretty perplexing, but here are the changes.

  • New Build Path: Oblivion Orb + Forbidden Idol
  • Ability Haste: 20 >>> 15.
  • Ability Power: 60 AP >>> 40 AP.
  • Now Grants 8% Healing and Shielding Power.
  • Unique – Puffcap Toxin:
    • Now Applies 40% Grievous Wounds on any damage dealt.
    • Allies who are Healed or Shielded No Longer Apply Grievous Wounds.


A very situational item for most of last year, Morellonomicon is getting its well-deserved update. Whether it is an upgrade or an adjustment is yet to be seen. Let’s see how this pans out.

  • New Build Path: Hextech Alternator + Amplifying Tome + Oblivion Orb.
  • Gold Cost: 2500 gold >>> 3000 gold.
  • Health: 300 >>> 200.
  • Magic Penetration: 0 >>> 10.
  • Unique – Affliction:
    • Now Deals 40% Grievous Wounds on Magic Damage Applied.

Mortal Reminder

Probably the best item to come out of this update, Mortal Reminder, is getting a hefty buff. Despite the price increase, we should see more use of the item itself with the armor penetration and more.

  • New Build Path: Executioner’s Calling + Last Whisper + Cloak of Agility.
  • Gold Cost: 2600 >>> 3000.
  • Attack Speed: 20% >>> 0%.
  • Movement Speed: 7% >>> 0%.
  • Armor Penetration: 0 >>> 30%.
  • Unique – Sepsis:
    • Now Deals 40% Grievous Wounds on Physical Damage Applied.


Last, of the Grievous Wounds items, Thornmail is getting its upgrade as more Armor is given to the item along with more oomph.

  • Armor Ratio: 20% >>> 25%.
  • Armor: 60 >>> 70.
  • Unique – Thorns:
    • Now Deals 40% Grievous Wounds when hit by a Champion.

Release Date

These changes are expected to launch in Patch 13.2, which will be out on January 25th, 2023. Do note that most of these changes could be adjusted based on how the PBE testing goes.

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