ImperialHal Claims Apex Legends Turned Revenant from Decent to a Terrible Legend for Comp Meta

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Like everyone else, ImperialHal also shared his opinion regarding how Revenant Reborn will play out in the Apex Legends meta.

Revenant is the 12th playable character, released in Apex Legends in Season 4. Revenant’s backstory and ruthless personality made most players fall in love with the character, and he grew a respectable fanbase in the Apex Legends community.

When first introduced, the character’s abilities were underwhelming. As a result, Respawn later buffed the character and unintentionally made him really overpowered. In order to strike a better balance, Revenant was nerfed once again.

The nature of Revenant’s abilities made it seem really difficult to balance him in the character meta. So, after many iterations, Respawn concluded that it would be more effective to Rework Revenant rather than adjusting his abilities again and again.

Consequently, in Season 18, Respawn will update this legend, and a new Revenant will be reborn. Revenant Reborn’s abilities were previously leaked by the data miners. And, with a few days remaining in the new season, Respawn has officially teased the abilities through a dev stream with iiTzTimmy. 

After watching Revenant’s reworked abilities, many pro players and streamers have shared their thoughts on whether these are good changes or not. Similarly, the pro player, TSM ImperialHal, also shared his honest opinion regarding Revenant Reborn. And, the reaction has not been what everyone expected.

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Revenant Reborn will be “Terrible” for Comp

It’s common knowledge that ImperialHal is a harsh critic of the game. Being a professional player of Apex Legends, he always looks at things from a competitive standpoint. Similarly, after ImperialHal saw the new Revenant’s abilities, his immediate reaction was, “I could care less about the character. If it’s not a comp character then I don’t give a f**.”

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Surprisingly, ImperialHal admits that Revenant’s abilities have potential and will be fun to play in pubs. But he doesn’t see any possibility that the character will fit in the competitive Apex meta.

The pro player also claims that the character is “worse” than before because of Revenant’s Ultimate, which used to be a team utility rather than a solo ability, which somewhat makes sense. ImperialHal said, “It used to be somewhat decent in comp. Now it’s terrible.”

Revenant Reborn will go live on August 8. 2023 with the new season update. So, it is too early to say whether the new Revenant will be able to snatch a spot as one of the best Legends or not.

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