Apex Legends: Charge Rifle to Undergo Rework in Season 18 Named “Project Railgun”

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Charge Rifle will undergo complete rework in Season 18. Here’s a first look at what to expect from what Respawn calls “Project Railgun.”

Season 17 of Apex Legends is ongoing. There’s not much time left before the new Season goes live. So, as is custom, Respawn has already started teasing the upcoming content that’ll come with the most anticipated update.

Respawn has previously confirmed that a Ranked update will come alongside the Season 18 patch. Moreover, there’ll also be some Storm Point changes as a recent in-game teaser suggests. Players are already getting excited about all the potential changes that’ll supposedly improve the gameplay.

On top of that, Respawn has released yet another teaser. This time, it’s not a ranked or map related but a weapon-related teaser. Respawn released a picture with the title “Project Railgun” suggesting a potential Charge Rifle rework in the next season.

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Season 18 Charge Rifle Rework

There had already been leaks regarding a Charge Rifle rework from the leakers a few days back. However, as there was no official confirmation from the developers, nothing was certain. But, the latest Respawn teaser suggests that the Charge Rifle will indeed be redesigned in Season 18.

The teaser image of “Project Railgun” suggests that the Charge Rifle will go through multiple modifications. If we look at the key changes, you can see that the new model will focus on a Concentrated Projectile rather than a laser beam. So, the new Charge Rifle will only shoot when the trigger is released and there’ll be no hitscan.

Moreover, an adaptable charge receiver is also set to allow the gun to charge by aiming down the sight. This means the new Charge Rifle will work similarly to the 30-30 Repeater. The damage will vary depending on the charge-up time.

First Look at the Potential Charge Rifle Rework

KralRindo made the potential Charge Rifle model using the description Respawn shared. Watching the video, you can get a rough idea of how the reworked Charge Rifle might work in Season 18. Nonetheless, this is not the official version. So, the actual gun may look and work differently than this.

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