Respawn Officially Addresses the Ranked Concerns and Shares the Upcoming Ranked Changes

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After receiving massive backlash from the Apex Legends community, Respawn finally shares their plans to change the ranked system in Season 18.

Apex Legends Season 17 ranked was overall a mess. Although the changes seemed good on the patch notes, the reality was far different. Things didn’t go how Respawn anticipated, and the ranked changes eventually backfired them.

As Season 17 progressed, the community observed a massive disbalance in the overall ranked distribution, and an unprecedented number of players climbed to the Master rank. Despite the community’s cry for a change, Respawn has been pretty silent about the issue since the Season 17 launch.

However, with only a few days remaining before Season 18, Respawn finally broke its radio silence and released a much-needed update to the Apex community. A huge rank update is coming to Season 18 that is expected to solve the issues the previous rank system brought into the game.

Credit: Ea

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Respawn Confirms Rank Changes for Season 18

Although Respawn had previously hinted to the community that there might be some rank adjustments in the upcoming season, there was no hard proof or formal statement from the developers. But Respawn has finally released a blog addressing the Season 17 rank issues and their plans moving forward.

Respawn acknowledged in the blog post that the new rank system didn’t work out as they had hoped. Giving players excessive amounts of LP and, on the other hand, offering no bonus at all are two examples of them. As a result, the devs said that they’ll make more adjustments to the Placement and Bonus systems in the upcoming season, alongside some other improvements.

The Season 18 rank update will also bring along some more adjustments, including ring damage and timing adjustments, matchmaking updates, and new rulesets for diamond and higher players.

Here’s the gist of the upcoming changes Respawn has shared so far:

  • Decreasing overall LP gains per match
  • Adding a ruleset that only applies to Diamond+
  • Elimination bonuses buff
  • Ring damage adjustments
  • Ring timings adjustments
  • Matchmaking updates

Respawn will host an AMA session in the Apex Legends subreddit on July 21, 2023, from 9:30-11:30 am Pacific Time. Players can directly communicate with the devs to share more about the issues and know more about the upcoming changes.

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